Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final note before KL

To those that are not yet convinced. Think of this.

If you accept that it is the parents that are financing virtually all of our International Tournaments. That they are paying for our flag to keep flying overseas. That they are investing for our future by investing in our Juniors.

If you accept that the last Olympiad was found wanting. If you think that maybe our seniors have lost their fire.

If you think that a Junior vs Senior scenario can yield postive results.

Then why are the people investing towards the future have no say because of an administrative roadblock for the only Tournament that is sponsored? Does this sound fair to them? All they are asking for is a fair shot. They are not taking away from the seniors. They are saying the juniors have a right to compete for a place too.

With the new conditions added of course. That the juniors have the time in a well facilitated session to share and to prepare. This will even out the odds. Then lets have the fight. I am prepared to volunteer for this assignment. How about it?


  1. Yes I agree whole heartedly. The old warriors should hang up their chess sets and let new blood have a chance at it. Group learning for the juniors is a fantastic idea!!

  2. I think you are way too dumb to figure this out. We have a yearly Merdeka event, why dont you and your troops have an intense August month of training and make a merdeka team with let say a provoking name like "Malaysia seniors suck" or "Olympiad Dream Team" and we will see if you are above the senior team or not. Simple to say, the senior teams arent at full force due to Rating purposes, and if youre bunch of troops cant even rank higher then them, let just say you close this blog and disappear from malaysia chess.

  3. Hello The 2nd Anonymous, Why you so hard to accept people ideas for the betterment of chess? Are you good enough to 'uphold the flag again and again'? Juniors need the exposures, at least to compete seniors head to head, why you are suggesting to form a team for merdeka etc, what is this? No more roadblocks please!!!
    Go ahead Raymond, you are right! And this is the right time to change!!