Saturday, June 7, 2014

1st Johor International Chess Open 2014 in December.

Ref: Here.

I have a basic policy in life.

Sometimes you have to fight for what is right in defense of the people you care about or under your protection. But most times it is better not to bother with them and place your support on those that are doing the right thing instead.

By placing our support on Associations and organizers that are for clean competition, selection etc I think we will get much further in changing Malaysian chess for the better.

So this was my experience when we played in Johor in December last year. The organizers took great pains to ensure that the competition was fair and clean. I truly appreciated that.

They are doing an International Competition for the first time this year. So I will do my best to support them. Please check out the post above k. And if you can do sign up and support the event.

If we all do this, then eventually the Associations and organizers will get the correct message of what we want from them.

All my best for Malaysian chess.