Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Remembering the train ride.

On the train ride back from Singapore, when I saw the camaraderie between the juniors, I couldnt help but feel that the GM will come from this type of spirit. Can this spirit be recaptured or was it just a fleeting thing? I wish I could have transported you there. It is not easy to describe.

But yesterday, I saw the naked hate of an anonymous commentor. I deleted his posts. It is not easy to shock me. I have been in construction for most of my business life. What could have brought on such rage from a suggestion of a selection criteria for all tournaments? Reality check. No more free rides and no more representing the Country if you do not play competitively anymore.

I think success brings its own momentum. The more success we have the less petty fighting we will have. And to bring more success, we need to have a more competitive model. We need to look at competitors analysis, better preparation and training or we risk another generation of bitter people. But we can only move one step at a time.

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