Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The "new" MCF.

I see in the shout boxes that Mark will be victimised, I have been warned by friends not to criticize MCF or I will be fixed.

I think this is an imagined fear that we now need to overcome. Yes, this has been the culture in the past. Nobody dared to make a suggestion for improvement; very very few even dare to use their names when commenting on the blogs.

In my discussions with Greg Lau, I do not sense that he is like this. I find him open to constructive criticisms and comments although he can be long winded. I also do not think that our past negative culture can be changed overnight and so I counsel those that want change to frame their suggestion/solutions in a positive manner. And allow time for change to happen. Sometimes I see good suggestions from other parents or players but they seem to want immediate action. They seem to demand perfection. Everything is a process. Please try to remember this. An organisation is like a big ship. It takes time to change direction. MCF has many other considerations besides just the ones of parents and players.

But the culture of maligning other people under the guise of anonymity has to stop. The culture of lies and distortions has to stop. I would like to assure you that if your intentions are for the good of chess, you do not need to hide. Learn to express reasonably and confidently. Dont hide. There is nothing to be scared of. It is now time for the ones who are malignant to be exposed. Not the other way round. Why should we be afraid if our intentions are noble and good?

Do encourage every effort to improve and not the other way round. Then when we next shout Malaysia Boleh, we will feel what that sentence really means. Deep down inside.

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