Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There is a general lament that I hear all the time in our chess community. That the type of gutter politics we see all around us is also found in our chess. Chess is for thinkers we say but we dont see many good examples in our intellectual sport.

Rather than using chess to raise good thinkers and future leaders, some wants to drag us into the general confusion by the spread of lies, innuendos etc. to prevent the introduction of new ideas, to silence suggestions.

So how can anyone tell us apart from the confusion outside? Why would any good sponsor want to promote a sport that produces poor quality thinking and gutter level behaviour?

I believe that if this poisonous behaviour can be held accountable, at least in chess then it is a step forward for the whole Nation. Do you think it can be done? Can we at least try? Can we be that example?

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