Monday, January 17, 2011


In Oct. last year Rationality accused FGM of cheating the Asean players. A warning was posted on this blog against slander. Another explanation of Asean was again put up subsequently.

Now another posting has been put up by Rationality repeating the same lies and promoted by Chess Ninja and IM Jimmy Liew. FGM has contacted the Secretary of MCF, Gregory Lau, as to what his views are. By repeating and promoting this slander, the reputation of both FGM and MCF has now been publicly smeared yet again.

Tolerance has its limits and compassion must not be mistaken for weakness. The final line has been crossed.

This is now our course of action. Unless all 3 parties issue a public apology within 48 hours and Rationality and Chess Ninja reveal who they are at the same time, FGM will lodge a police report to be followed by a report to MCMC to reveal the names of these culprits pending further action.


  1. This is notice that you have to show me how you were slandered through my blog. Go here to read

  2. seronoknya baca artikel pun nak tahu sapa tuu Rationality and Chess Ninja, he3

  3. Malaysian Chess does not need this fight.

    I was in Malaysian Taekwondo - lawsuits only bring bad reputation to Malaysian Taekwondo (as sponsors shied away) and hinders players' developments.

    Can we agree to disagree?