Saturday, January 15, 2011

International competition in Perak- report from KL

Had a fruitful meeting with the first gm team in KL and met up with people who can move things in Perak as well. We are agreed that we will back this tournament if we can resolve a couple of concerns.

One was of course our recent past history of dealings with MCF over the Asean initiative. So it was agreed that a meeting with Greg was essential to decide whether we will put our efforts behind this project or not.

We are fairly satisfied from the meeting that a new MCF is in the making and we will not face the same problems as before.

The second issue seems a little more interesting. As Perak is a borderline opposition State, will we still have the same government after a general election in April or June as the rumours go? How will this impact on the tournament?

Still thinking on this. Giving myself the weekend to find the roadmap.

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