Saturday, January 29, 2011

When is a draw bad?

Yesterday Jimmy offered a truce. See comments here.
What is the fight about? Is it about the right to express opinions without being slandered or shouted down? I started this blog to express certain ideas I feel will be beneficial to the chess community. If you dont agree then start you own blog. Then we allow the market to test which idea is better. But certain people are very threatened by my ideas. Why? We have been going around blaming MCF, other people etc. But when I ask to shine the light on oneself and see what you did not do it caused a lot of discomfort and anger.

So if a truce, a draw means status quo, then that is not a good thing. That means if you say something they dont like, if you try to explain why we are stuck, they will slander and shout you down again.

However Siew Fai (deleted comment) in his convoluted way did make some sense about this being an aversion to potential sponsors. Maybe some dont care because it doesnt affect them but I think its an important issue too.

Anyway I will leave that till after the weekend. Sumant and Mark have been training in my house and I will be bringing another boy from Perak to play at renegade. So leaving for KL later today.

Btw, the juniors vs the seniors is not off as claimed by chess ninja. Greg has said he will organise a senior team and I will organise the junior team. I will be meeting with sponsors this evening to see if I can secure the funding.

So see you after the weekend and I will see if there is a way out of extending this "senseless" war on words, war against the freedom of expression, war against new ideas.

A draw here if it means status quo is bad for chess. Is there another way?

Note: The GM comes from thinking. Chess is about thinking. And they want to prevent new ideas, prevent thinking.


  1. I did not say that it was off. I said that it was pointless. Please use the truth and do not put words into other people's mouth.