Monday, January 24, 2011

A flawed strategy

I dont know who started this strategy or who is promoting it. But it looks like some of our strong players stay away from local competition to protect their rating. On the surface this looks a little reasonable.

But its the first step to failure. This decision is based on fear.

Let me show you another philosophical divide. During National Junior I explained to the parents present the strategy that Mark and I had deviced after round 4. Even my friends didnt understand my reasons for doing so so I'll explain it here. The title comes with a burden.

I told Mark if you can still win after them knowing our strategy then you can lift that title and bear the burden that comes with it. But first lets see if we can figure out what they will do to stop us. In the final round Syakir found the winning strategy. We had spent the night before trying to anticipate what it could be but we were surprised in the last round. You see this is not about a title. This is about learning to play chess.

We play many tournaments to learn and some tournaments to win. It is not about the rating or the title. When you have learned enough the rating will come, the title will come. What is the hurry?

Dont listen to those voices who tell you that you cannot become GM unless you show something extraordinary before 17 years of age etc etc.

Look at the evidence and dont listen to the lies of your fears. There is enough evidence of players who have become GM way after 17. Even today. Do not compare with the Countries that have produced 15 yo GM's. They are much further up the learning curve and they probably have a more competitive environment. We can make our environment more competitive. That is within our current ability. But for now we still have to figure out what makes a GM. Then we get the next one younger. It's a process. No short cuts.

Think about it. Those are the lies from people who have given up. Who dont believe anymore. Open your eyes. It's a flawed strategy. It doesnt work.

If you want to improve you have to play more, learn more, fight harder. Not protect a number that doesnt really mean anything. When you have learned enough you will then be called a Grand Master.

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