Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We have a right to face our accusers (with addendum)

This is natural justice. And this is the feedback I am getting from the ground. You cannot hide behind a mask and make accusations you cannot substantiate. And you cannot make a police report in a mask either.

Many people want you revealed Rationality. You have made a lot of enemies. It's a terrible pity that IM Jimmy is involved too.

ps: Incredible. They attack from the dark with no justification and they now accuse us of victimisation. What twisted and sick logic is this?

We have tolerated this for long enough. Warning has been issued and ignored. In fact the attacks have intensified.


  1. Malaysian Chess does not need this fight.

    I was in Malaysian Taekwondo - lawsuits only bring bad reputation to Malaysian Taekwondo (as sponsors shied away) and hinders players' developments for so many years.

    Can't we learn from their mistake?

  2. Hello Abdoss

    I have been getting calls from people who love chess. And they are all unanimous that Rationality is a deep poison that we need to remove for chess to be healthy again. Concerns too have been expressed about Jimmy encouraging this sort of behaviour. Nobody wants to see any individual harmed and so a way must be found to stop this poison. Perhaps this is a question you can bring to Jimmy. As the senior and our first IM he may be able to find a solution that is acceptable to FGM and MCF. We can come to the table and talk openly to solve this. But no more hiding and attacking peoples reputation. We have no problems with him disagreeing to the Juniors vs Seniors but we have a problem if he supports the calling of us as thieves to further his displeasure.

  3. kalau semua ikut planning sm 2015,all will be happy.hehe3

  4. Raymond,

    I have 2 issues here:

    1)You said they have been ruining the reputations of MCF and FirstGM. Yet you seemed to be pursuing this alone, without MCF. Are your actions on behalf of MCF? Or would you bear all consequences on their behalf too (plus costs)?

    2)Do you see what I see? Unscrupulous people (names not worth mentioned) are waiting for you and Jimmy (and other people who are really working hard for Malaysian Chess) to finish each other off. Then they will take over your place. This I don't envy. I only fear their negative influence over Malaysian Chess. Without you all, this will make their work easier. Are you prepared for this too?

  5. Since this is a matter that affects chess, I am in consultation with affected parties.

  6. Betul kata abdooss tu. Janganlah lawan sampai dua dua pihak pun hancur. he3

  7. I've not been writing any comment in your blog for the past 3 months. With the latest drama unfold, I too agree with Abdooss observation.

    Some people (may include one of the affected parties) just sit by the side an enjoy the circus show / drama that put forward by four of you. None of you will gain anything from it. A rule of "Divide and Conquer" is applied.

    The three are too technical for you to have real understanding (where u hv claimed to understand but your statement always has "a but to technical") and your mind-thingy are too dificult for them to have real understanding (where they feel it is not utmost important compare with real technical capability).

    Here, I'm not saying who is right and wrong. No one is ultimately right or ultimately wrong here. I'm also not a fence sitter. If I'm force to choose I will choose but for me, acceptting one superiority over another is not the best solution for a person that wants to help moving forward malaysian chess. Let say I join in the fray to give my "Out of the box method" where you and other three may not agree with me, then will it be a three corner fight. What abt the fourth group that claims to have the World's best Method and have outrageous attacks on you, me and the three. Will there be a 4-corner showdown. Is there an end to all these arguments and accusations?

    Superior ego mentality has affected both sides judgement on views and at one point or another created critical opinions on each other statements. You guys have taken things too personally and felt offended by those critical remarks and personal attacks.

    Can't you guys take a middle path approach or better still work together for the betterment of chess? This way the so-called "unscruplous people" mentioned by abdooss will not be able to enjoy this show.

    Is it worth quarelling over chess and create enemies from it. Personally, I went through these processes, not just once. Chess is just too small for these "righteous" showdown.

    One of the anon's writer.

    P/S: The out of the box method that I mentioned is real, practical and proven.

    If you need a mediator, feel free to drop me a mail, anonswriter at gmail dot com

  8. Thank you for your comments. Let me try to address your ponts in my next posting. Please be assured that we have not decided on this step without alot of discussion. This is a painful decision for us to make as well.

  9. I think you have ignored a very important point. You can say Raymond, that is a stupid idea and not even have to explain. That is ok. You can say Raymond that is a very stupid idea and then go on to prove it. That is even better and it will show your superior reasoning.

    But if you say, Raymond you are a cheat and your accomplices are your sponsors and MCF without proof and then you go and promote that idea across the net, then a very very serious line has been crossed.

  10. I think the process we want is first a careful evaluation of the idea that you present. If it looks promising we may try out a test case first to see how it fares. What we dont want is for your ideas to shouted down, distorted and for you to be seen as a threat to be got rid of. In that culture would you even dare to present any ideas at all? That is the issue.

  11. bla bla bla thats what you are good at..
    no police report you coward?

  12. The power of the wolf pack. And now they want Rationality's blood too. Just saw this quote.
    "You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. If you hang with the wrong people, they will negatively affect you. But if you hang with the right people, you will be far more capable and powerful than you ever could have been alone. Find your tribe and work together to make a difference in all of your lives."