Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Role model

Just got back. I see some interesting comments on the shout boxes. Have some news but will save it for later.

Anyway, its a question of role models. If the seniors are fighting their hearts out, I will say to Mark and the other juniors; this is what you want to aspire to. Work hard. You have to earn your stripes too so you can join their ranks.

But if the stories are true.....Do go back to that posting on what I actually said about them; there seems to be many many versions....So I say again... But if the stories are true, then the juniors deserve the slots. Here.

I will now say to the Juniors (if the stories of the seniors are true of course). Dont become jaded. Dont lose your fire. When you fight for your Country, you must fight with pride and dignity. You must give your best.

So are the seniors good role models for the juniors? That is the question isnt it?

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