Friday, January 21, 2011

USM Team Event

The team event starts tomorrow. Here.

I am rooting for team 34, Insanity. I hope they put up the results. I on the other hand will be playing bridge. So need some quick practice today. Seriously rusty.

Good luck to all participants. Fight hard and fight fair. And have fun too.


  1. who cares who you support?
    Go see the poll at jimmy's blog.
    You always tell in your blog that many parents agree with you. Do you mean just 1 or 2?
    Look how many people wants you shut..
    Haha patzer !

  2. What about we let the ideas fight it out.

    Polls can be fixed especially on the internet. It is probably one person voting many many times. Actually we suspect there are very very few of you. That is why you need to make a lot of noise. If you have something sensible to say you would show yourself.

    Anyway the feedback I have is that somebody else may make that police report. So its out of my hands now. Others are not so forgiving my friend. All I have said is that it wont be me. My advice is to do things the right way and let this thing die out naturally. Keep fanning your hate and you may get burned by your own hate.

    Why dont Jimmy give his best ideas and I give mine. Don't you think both of you are being rather childish? Why this terrible fear of new ideas? If the ideas dont work it will lose steam on its own. Are you fearful that it is your ideas that will disappear because it hasnt worked and probably wont?

    Another suggestion is if you dont like what I say go to the hate sites. There are plenty of them. Or are you saying only hate sites has the right to exist?

  3. Let me state again, it is not my poll. Someone else did it.

  4. i think this blog is a hate site. You seem to have problem with everyone.

  5. anonymity guarantees honesty. parents who agree with u probably went to the poll and voted 4 u.

    hooray, u root 4 the d strongest junior team. so unexpected.

    i shud start a blog teaching players how to play bridge wif their ass.