Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aversion to adversity

I have pondered on this for a long time. Is there a time when you have to fight? I think so. I have watched the bullies at work and I have seen the destruction and havoc they rain on people. They do not, I repeat they do not, stop until you can stand up to them. They prey on the weak. That is their nature.

So where do we draw the line? For me the line is when they attack the children. That is when I stand up. Like I said before, the adults have made their choices and only they can change their own decisions. So we have the rule of law. If there is slander, we go to the law. If there is abuse of authority, we bring the case to a higher authority. That is all we can do.

But when we see children being abused, we need to do something, say something. They cannot defend themselves yet. For if we keep quiet, they will do it again. And the next time we may not be around to defend them.

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