Thursday, January 13, 2011

Words that heal

I like the message here.

What amazes me is the number of hateful people in our chess community. They can take a paragraph about the heartache that parents feel towards the stories floating around and spin it to try to start a hate campaign rather than looking at the issues. What a waste of energy and time. And how irresponsible.

This to me is a reminder of how chess can be used to damage rather than build. What happened to these people? How did they get so hateful? Just what is it about giving the juniors a chance that is so frightening to them? All we are asking for is a chance for the juniors to compete for the places. Could it be that they fear that the seniors may actually lose?

The stories mentioned is the talk of the chess community. I did not say anything that isnt already talked about in almost every congregation of chess players, parents and officials.

There is an important lesson here though. Lets be very careful that the next generation of chess players do not end up like them. It may be too late for them. I hope not but they may already be beyond the reach of reason.

Look at it this way. If the juniors are now frustrated by unreasonable roadblocks that are put up by people like this, then does that increase the possibility of the creation of a new generation of bitter people? This makes it even more important that they do not get their way. We need to break the circle of failure and abuse to build a new future.

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