Monday, January 31, 2011

Report from Renegade.

Results here. Story here.

Renegade Datcc was impressive to say the least. Strong players and we achieved and learnt much from this one trip. The night before, I spent time with potential sponsors. One of them was involved with a company that secured sponsors for Nichol David. Also spoke to people who has a footsal team plus others.

They were trying to explain to me the mentality of NGO's and the challenges they faced working in sports. It was very insightful.

Also got all our chess programs up to date thanks to Andrew of Gilachess.

Of particular note at the tournament itself, I was happy to hear an announcement from Najib that IM Mok, IM Mas and FM Nicholas Chan are commiting to play at Datcc events. This is fantastic news. To me this means that we are circulating internal knowledge. Whether any of the Juniors or other seniors manage to win against them or not, (although I remain optimistic) Malaysian Chess will move up a notch just from their participation. Who knows they may even decide to play at National Close. That will really speak of a new and fighting Malaysian Chess.

The Juniors gave a good account of themselves and I want to congratulate the Champion Jianwen for an impressive performance. Iron sharpen iron. This is the way to go.

Datcc has now set up a shinning model for others to emulate and surpass if possible. Healthy competition. Good work Najib. One for private enterprise. Keep it up.

ps: Ilham also got to spend time with a parent who was at Asean. One more person got to hear the truth. And that is a good thing. At the very least the parent displayed the courage to speak the truth.

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