Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not emotions but the voice of reasoning

Not the push and pull of strong emotions but the quiet voice of reasoning. Isnt that what chess really teaches us?

I hope we have all learnt something since yesterday. Fanning hate doesnt solve anything. It only make matters worse. You may not like what is said but by twisting the words used ie "the heartache parents feel....which lead to a "thrown" game", that hate almost came back and knocked you out.

Rationality, Chess Ninja and Jimmy. You have a right to the anger you feel. It is not for me to judge you. Whatever it was that caused such terrible anger in you, I hope you will resolve in time. However you cannot take that anger out on anyone you like or try to destroy their reputation. You do not have that right. This makes you just like the people you say you do not like.

There are many baying for your blood Rationality. People want you exposed and out of chess. I do not want to aid them. So be careful what you say in future.

We did our homework last Oct. It only takes a police report to be lodged with MCMC and your names will come out. This has been done before. Many times. Even your deleted posts will resurface. If you had written that email to Jimmy, that will also come out. Dont you know that you cant hide nowadays? But if I was to do that you will never be able to show your face in chess again. That I do not want. But I do want you to stop the slander.

Jimmy, you have disappointed many. As the elder in chess, you were expected to be the voice of reason. Chess Ninja, you seem very young. I like that you are now attempting to explain your views. My suggestion is that if you can stop your profanities more will listen to you. I still dont agree with you but that is OK.

But that is not all. There is a lesson for MCF here too. In my last meeting in KL with Greg, I said this to him. MCF must take leadership or we will not go far. MCF must not only be fair to all but also seen to be fair.

I have made a police report before pertaining to chess. This was a case concerning Mark during MSSPK for wearing jeans. The case was there were many wearing jeans but they were just given a verbal warning except for Mark. He was sent back to change while his clock was ticking and he lost 40 minutes on the clock and the game subsequently.

But there is more. Unit Sukan took action on the police report and brought in the official and sanctioned him in a minuted meeting. The official was removed the following year.

MCF can take a page from them. There is alot of anger in chess. MCF must take responsibility for this. There have been too many abuses overlooked in the past. I ask for no special favours but I think I deserve a fair hearing just like anyone else in my place. And I have been waiting a long time for the hearing to clear my name. Reason needs to prevail or the anger experienced by many will boil over again. And this is bad for chess.

I will not take action over an individual. There is enough "fixing" in chess. We all want change for the better. Do it the right way. This way doesnt work.

I have learnt alot over this incident. I hope you have too. Goodnight gentlemen. Sleep well.

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