Sunday, September 28, 2014

A good ruling during Malaysian Chess Festival Classical Event.

Ref: Here.

During the event the Chief Arbiter announced that no player can leave the playing area. And toilet breaks are a maximum of 5 minutes or the player will be disqualified.

I believe many are aware that there was the suspicion of a player using chess engine during our National Close. So I hope this ruling will also be applied at our next National Close. It is important that we continue to close the loop holes for cheating if we want our chess to progress.

Those players that rely on the back doors, by passing each other points etc will not do well overseas. If they also try to cheat there then they will become a National embarrassment.

What happens when we shift the goal post?

In the post below, the video argued that liars have more white matter than grey matter which is necessary for deep reasoning. I interpreted liars to indicate learning the art of pusing pusing ie distraction, deflection, sabotage etc. If that is so, then what is deep reasoning?

Read this again. Here.

Allow me to use our experience of this year's National Close. We were informed from the schedule of tournaments that National Close was in June. And so we planned accordingly. We started out last year in December by going to the Philippines to train with their National Junior and his trainer. We then planned our training sessions as well as our tournament runs to peak just before National Close. When the date got changed to Feb, leaving us 4 months short, our entire training regime was crippled and we just had to make do and go not fully prepared.

So how does this relate to deep reasoning? If you go back to my article above, I think you will see that part of how deep reasoning is developed is from analyzing our prediction of results from our training against actual results achieved. This will enable us to improve for the following year.

I now put it to you to answer this question. Is it possible that one core reason we do not have a GM is because we do not have a culture of training tied to goal setting? Without that we cannot develop deep reasoning for we are constantly surprised by that goal post that keeps moving. For the treatment of moving goal posts is getting an insider track as to actually when the tournament will be held instead of developing the best training and preparation system.

Do you think I have a point? Could that be why we don't have a GM despite our vast resources and depth in talent when our much poorer neighbours can? These things count do they not?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The science of lying.


Many reasons have been postulated as to why we don't have a GM yet despite us having superior resources and depth in talent when our poorer neighbors can. I suspect the main reason is that we have been unable to develop deep thinking within our chess culture. Have a look at the video above. Can you see what I mean?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Peter Long in his death throes.


I have always said that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Without doubt Malaysia has a long way to go before we will get a strong player on the International arena. But is what Peter saying a fair assessment? I don't think so. Let me explain.

Peter talks about Kasparov and the sponsorship he promised for Malaysia which Peter covets but probably won't get now. But isn't his attitude symptomatic of all that is wrong with Malaysian chess? Peter wants to be spoonfed.

The fact is we just got a criteria of sorts for selection for the Olympiad squad this year only when there were none before. So that is an improvement. So what we need to do is to improve that criteria even further.

The fact is that KLCA is the most dysfunctional Association in Malaysian chess with almost zero transparent activity for Kuala Lumpur and that association is helmed by Peter.

The fact is that Peter is using KLCA to hammer his competitors running training schools.

There are now more training schools in KL and they have better trainers available for the KL kids than what Peter can provide but since KLCA is not functioning they have no platform.

So Peter, both you and Jimmy have been a part of the problem in Malaysian chess. You have been participant in all the politics for back door entries that have crippled Malaysian chess for so long.

So I suggest you do something to improve things within your sphere of influence. My suggestion is you leave KLCA and allow others to enable it to function as it was meant to function and then you learn how to actually train players who can compete instead on relying on the back doors.

Then you will become a part of the solution.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is this type of article helpful for the development of chess in Malaysia?

Ref: Here.

First of all I think there is slander. Second I think it is divisive. And third I think the guy who runs the least constructive and the least transparent chess Association in Malaysia should not talk about chess affairs.