Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quote of the day.

‎2 types of problem: 1. You donno what is the problem! that is the problem! 2. You know the problem, but you ignore the problem! that is the biggest problem!!..Quote by Nicholas Cheah (Problem Solver)


  1. R,
    My friend once said ; "Ignore the pain, and it will go away" He is a dentist.

    Jokes aside, most people will think negatively of this situation. A few people will think; "More people are thinking about Malaysian Chess. Hopefully some will think of ways to improve it as well" I also agree, as long as it does not have to go to the court!!

  2. Abdooss, I have told you before that the decision was to make a police report to anble us to get the names of the people who slander. I wonder why you cannot seem to grasp that.

    As for your other point. Ignoring all the things that have been going wrong is why we are where we are. If you are happey with the state of Malaysian chess then well and fine but others may not be. But you are extremely inconsistent in your views. It may be helpful if you consider before commenting.

  3. Interesting attempts at reverse psychology. I'll allow this since this is essentially a teaching blog.

  4. R,
    Sorry - the above comment is especially for you.

  5. I think different views are important. But I dont think you should speak for Jimmy. You can come to FGM and listen to mine or go to Jimmy's, Rationality and Chess ninja to listen to theirs. And ultimately you must make a decision. What is chess? Isnt it a series of decisions?

  6. Miscellly, please do not use this site to self promote your site without permission. Thank you.

  7. R,
    MCF had been accused, allegedly of course, and slandered so may times. Yet they are not making police report & taking their case to the court of law. Are we missing something that MCF doesn't?

  8. I think you have to really see the difference between the MCF before Greg and the MCF after.

    I also think you shouldnt simply talk about suing. No one has spoken about it except in the shout boxes. I have told you this and have written clearly on this. I also see you go between here and Jimmy and parties sites so you really need to learn to think for yourself.

    I dont speak for MCF so I cannot comment on what they will or will not do.