Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is there a role for blogs like Rationality, Chess Ninja?

I think we still need watchdog sites. But they have to be careful of not turning rabid. Care must given to sieve through misinformation from the truth. Otherwise you become a pawn in other peoples games.

Rationality, you may have a case about the commitment fee. I and others have raised the same issue with MCF. You do not have a case with the 3.8 exchange rate issue pertaining to last Asean and World Youth. The difference was refunded and was reported on this blog. And this came as a direct result of an email from a member of FGM threatening further action. You cannot selectively filter what you dont like to see.

Chess Ninja, I dont think being a vigilante is a good way to be. That means you are only looking for faults and that you will always find in anything or anyone, if you look hard enough. Nothing and no one is perfect. When you take that stance, you will never see anything good. That is a bad place to be and not good for you. You are only feeding your anger. We have talked about this before.

The task of the watchdogs is to see objectively. Not to jump to conclusions and then find ways to justify it. In that you have erred.

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