Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do we want to see Mamak gang vs the juniors?

What are the issues? The parents are saying that there should be competitive selection for any tournament to represent the Country. The elite seniors are saying that you get your rating up first. I am saying that maybe even the seniors who have not represented the Country before may give us a surprise by being able to beat some of the elites. Rating doesnt tell all. Who is to say? Maybe even some of the juniors may yet surprise us all.

So first step is mamak gang vs juniors. One step at a time.

I can't say everything here as there are issues still being discussed. But I will say this as a parent. An issue was brought up by a parent and echoed by another parent that MCF must give an undertaking that should the juniors play then it must come with the guarantee that all future eligibility must be based on selection.

To me this is unreasonable. I think the elite seniors have a point too. If our juniors cannot put up a fight against the mamak gang then they still have much more to learn. I hear "if we lose where can we put our face"? Hey, if we cannot fight mamak gang then how to fight more terror people outside?

Actually my trip down to KL was also to speak to potential sponsors before my bridge session. I will admit here that even members of FGM is scared to lend further support. It is a little frightening to support chess.

We cannot all stay in our own turf. We need to work together or this wont work. How can anyone help us if we are fighting among ourselves? Everyone give a little and we can get this thing going. The question is, if this fight happens, will we be closer to getting public support for competitive selection or not? If it is, then lets stop putting up roadblocks and get this going.

The proposal is circulating. Lets find a solution for chess. I hope we have all done some soul searching over the weekend and next week we will dare to move forward.

Fight first then we have a better case for MCF to consider. If no sponsor then we all tong tong or maybe the arbiter can waive his fee. I dont have all the answers yet. Give suggestions not only objections. Maybe a potential sponsor reading this will be moved by our spirit to improve and will pledge their support.


  1. kalau stonemaster boleh dapat penaja 1 juta ,FGM juga berkemampuan dapat penaja 1 juta.hehe

  2. Janganlah pandang rendah FGM. Kalau stonemaster boleh dapat penaja 1 just, FGM boleh dapatkan penaja 2 juta.

  3. stonemaster show off lebih lebih... entah betul atau tidak dapat sponsor 1 juta, ckp je lebih

  4. kalau betul SM dapat 1juta, tunjuk statement.. dah alang2 ckp kat semua org SM dapat 1 juta.. so why tak nak tunjuk statement aje...

    jangan la ckp kosong and tinggi sampai langit ke 7

    sila tunjukkan statement kalau SM di bercakap benar tentang mitos RM 1 JUUUTTTTAAAAA

  5. sesiapa pun boleh claim and cakap mereka ada RM 1, 2, 3, 4 JUTA...

    semua yang kita ckp kene ada bukti and fakta.

  6. HIDUP FGM!... dapatkan sponsor RM 2 juta and lebih dari SM yang sombong and cakap besar.. we support FGM go go go!!!!

  7. kebanyakan pengkritik narow minded,pemikiran cetek,xboleh nampak jauh,nampak dan dengar hanya di depan mata mereka.mereka hanya pandai cakap tapi tiada wawasan dan cita-cita dan planning.itulah mereka dan inilah sm.he3