Friday, January 28, 2011

MCF remembered.

Remember I did some force field analysis last year? Here.

I was just talking to another parent yesterday and he was saying MCF must change. And I was trying to remind him of what it was like before. I have spoken to juniors who told me that the time before Greg, selection was not based on merit. I think there is change but it is happening slowly. Right now there is a fairly good process till U20. At the senior level I think it may still be flawed. I believe the Olympiad demonstrated that. I think representation to SEA games or the next Olympiad should be based on a better system.

But I still believe that the ultimate decision lies with MCF. So there is a struggle. Some are trying to impose their views on what MCF should do by coming up with their own criteria. That I feel is not the correct way.

I see improvement and I know many are impatient for more. But if we still the noise, we can see that there has been change. If we can stop for a while and remember what it was like before we can see that.

We need to lend our voice and show support for change. Like I said MCF is not a monolithic organisation. There are those within that want change and those that want to go back to the old times. Times when they were Kings.

The way to have change is to support those moves that are improvements. The more solid the support the more we empower the change. And the faster change will come. Be on the right side of issues.

Are you understanding the struggle now? Now look around you. See who will benefit if you cannot see the change happening around you? See who will benefit if we go back to the old days. How many of them are there? Look beyond the noise and you will see.

Do you remember what it was like before? If you are new talk to people who have been around before. Then you will understand why a simple suggestion for selection on a train ride has attracted such venom.

ps: PICA today is very much like what it used to be if you want a comparison. Have you seen any Perak players recently? Where have they gone?


  1. Dear Siew Fai

    I have deleted your posting. Please do not use this blog to self promote. If you a point then make it. Your posting is ridiculously long. An idea is to start your own blog and expound your ideas there. Thank you for understanding.

  2. Dear Siew Fai,

    I actually read your long essay. If you do not want to start a blog may I recommend chess ninja's or Jimmy's blog to you? Your ideas seem to fit. You will also have a more receptive audience there. All my best.