Friday, January 21, 2011

A suggestion to other bloggers.

Maybe it is time we think about some self regulation. We have started this community in the belief that anyone should have the right to air their views. Personally I feel that right must also come with responsibility.

Some of our bloggers are now abusing that right by spreading lies and fanning hate. If we want a positive learning culture in chess where people can share ideas without fear of being shouted down or slandered then maybe we can remove them from our blog role. The culture of being able to agree to disagree is important. The culture of reasoning is important.

I believe if we can enforce this self discipline, we will be much more attractive to good sponsors and many more parents and players will join our fraternity.

This culture of hate is keeping many people away as well as driving away the few good people that are working in chess and we have lost good players besides. I for one will start by removing the hate sites from my blog role. I hope you feel the same way too.


  1. R,
    With all due respect, your reasoning won't work with the MACC, for one.

  2. You have lost me. What are you talking about?

  3. Abdooss, lets not bring outside politics into this. What I think is more important is what we feel we can do as a chess community. At least here we have a say. There is a chance to promote a healthy culture in chess is all I am saying. We are supposed to have the thinking culture, the reasoning culture. So lets start with ourselves first. If we can do it, then maybe others can too.

  4. u have neither. anybody who can think/reason will not threaten to spoil malaysian chess by making a police report because he cant accept that 90% of the community wants u gone. self regulation my ass.

    just so u know, by the time u delete this, at least 30 ppl would have seen it already. but then again, nobody gives a damn coz they already know ure talking out of ur ass.

    maybe u shud consider disabling comments. but then u'd lose all ur readership coz the only reason ppl read your blog is bcos they just wanna read the comments tat shoot u down.

  5. We could try an experiment. You could stop making negative comments and then the readership will go down. Is that a good idea?

  6. Pardon me for saying this but what you are suggesting sounds very much like what the government is doing to monopolise the media.

    I read MalaysiaKini just to have a balanced view of what's happening in the company rather than listening to government controlled media. The other chess blogs may be viewed as subversive, slanderous or even liars by you but this is a subjective view. I don't see them as that as so do many other chess enthusiast.

    Silencing them by removing them from blogrolls solves nothing.

  7. I think there is a vast difference between deleting a blog from my own site when I know it is spreading lies and the censorship that you are talking about. Alternative perspective and blatant lies are very different. Most bloggers know the truth of matters as they are very close to the ground. It is a matter of personal conscience whether to leave a blog on the roll that we know is deliberately spreading lies to the detriment of the community.

    I think that is the distiction.

  8. sometimes i do wonder if mark understands what you are talking about