Sunday, January 23, 2011

What is my motivation?

Even some of my friends are still guessing. Here's a clue.

Let us wind back the clock. I was witness to the rapid breaking up of a multi million multi national company partly because of infighting among the Directors in the final days of 1997. I was witness to the demise of a Malaysian Consortium to refurbish Star Cruises Interiors because we could not provide the solution to why Malaysian Interior Contractors couldnt work in the pressure cooker of Shipyard work.

So these questions were already running round in my head. And this was before Mark even played chess. After Mark started I wondered if chess can provide the training that can help. But I saw the same infighting in chess.

One of the first things I taught Mark is to use his judgement in all things. I said if you are swayed by titles, intimidation, flattery, you will not go far. You need to apply the faculties of reasoning. And the enemy of reasoning is strong emotions. Fear as well as euphoria. And so to reason well, you must reduce your ego. I dont even know if Mark wants to be a GM or not. But I do know if he takes this lesson well, his future will be brighter.

So if truth be told, I have very little ego. And that is what confuses many people. I dont care for the limelight. If possible I prefer to stay in the background. So why have I stepped up?

I really dont care much about what adults do between themselves. But I do care about our future and I do care about what is happening to the kids since they are the future. We have lived our lives and we have made our choices. I care that they be given a chance to choose something better for themselves. I care if there are unreasonable roadblocks simply because I think chess provides good training if done the right way.

Some have tried to move me by saying we support you etc etc. But I can only be swayed by reasoning and not by flattery. And I am not a tool to be used to attack anyone. If you back your words with action, I will do my part. I think chess can help us to a better future. A reasoning future. But first we have to be the example ourselves before we can convince others that this is the case.

So lets just stick to the issues, reason things out and forget about the personalities and titles.

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