Thursday, February 28, 2013

Accounts, the other half of the story. Part 1.

This is the first half of the story. Here.

And I believe that what is said is substantially true. But this is still only half the story. Let me explain. Right at the very beginning when feelings were not so intense, I did bring up that this problem arose because the Secretary is not paid. Ref: here. And many people agreed. I argued, how can you expect the horse to run if you do not feed it?

This problem was in built into the previous system. Everyone was going around saying that they did their work purely for the love of chess. And so they had to hide how they were making money. And so this became the weakness that their opponents have been able to work on. Just like in chess. And now they are exploiting this flaw to the fullest. And the people Greg helped are the ones that is catching him with his hand in the cookie jar without authority.

Aiyah! Why like this? What is wrong with earning a decent wage for the hard work that you have put in? Can anyone put up their hand and honestly say that they can do a better job than Greg? I don't think so. So pay him a decent wage. Maybe he wants to get married, have kids etc etc like all the rest of us. And so Greg entered the system with no money and he is not a millionaire as far as I know. So just pay the man legally so that he can continue to do a good job. And pay him the value that commensurates with the value that he is giving us.

What we see now is the people who offers no value trying to take him down. Chess players who cannot play chess but wants to represent the Country, trainers that can train to about U12 talking about developing GM's but attacking real GM's via proxies, that was doing the job. Problems occur when you want big money while giving small or no value.

So are we going to trade a man who gives value but is not paid for someone who gives no value but wants to take over MCF? Madness.

But still the problem of the accounts exist. It has been found out. So how? I suggest that this issue is brought out in front of all the State Affiliates. You need their authority to end this. And I mean the real State Affiliates according to the Constitution. Don't twist and dont lie. If you do, someone can still report this later on. Get it out into the open and get the full AGM behind you. Work out the amounts taken. Get an agreement of a salary starting from xyz. Contra the amounts and arrange to pay back the difference if any. I am sure Greg can get someone to bail him out and return the money to MCF. If you try to hide then this will become the next weakness that can be worked on again and this will never end.

The system is flawed. That's it. Don't compound this problem further. Let it end at the AGM and then make good decisions for the way forward. We have lost enough time on this simple matter. We should be putting our heads together to build Malaysian chess. To get our own GM.

Don't give the opportunists a free key into MCF because of this mistake. Then restructure the system and just do your job and be fair to all stakeholders and this fiasco will die down.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What are the issues between the Gods of chess and us?

Please read this first. Here.

I have been meaning to write on the other half of the accounts story for 2 days now and things are happening quite rapidly on the chess scene prior to AGM. More later. In the other half of the story I wanted to balance the picture and make some suggestions for a way forward. Towards a better future for Malaysian chess. But this morning I thought maybe it's better that we thoroughly understand the issues on the chess board before talking about solutions and then I found the story above. I think it provides a good enough analogy to seeing what is happening to Malaysian chess today. So have you read it yet? Ok, lets start then.

For the purposes of this analogy, let us assume that the British investors have a case and MCF is the Government of Malaysia. In a way that is correct. As investors, organisers, parents, trainers, coaches and players we go to MCF as the ruling authority for resolution of issues. And many of us face the same frustrations as the British investors. We just cannot get any action against the people who violate the rules. So that is bad enough.

There is also a difference in the analogy. The investors in Britain are all adults and so we can say to an extent caveat emptor, "let the buyer beware", although that does not spare them the pain of loss as described in the link above.

However in chess, this injustice and pain is inflicted on many children as you have seen displayed on Jimmy's blog.

The issue is also that we could have had a lot more investments into Malaysian chess if those attacks were not conducted via Jimmy's blog as well as the arrogant abuse of the rules by Peter. Many good investors will only enter an ordered environment and will not come into chess if gangsters rule, leaving us with only a very few options. Just look into FGM's history to see what we have lost.

So that is bad enough. But the situation we will be facing at the AGM is not about the tidak apa attitude we currently face with MCF (or as those British investors say about GOM). The situation we now face is akin to jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Now these abusers of children and rule breakers are wanting to take total control of MCF.

Can you see that? If Peter takes over then Malaysian chess will be taken back many years. I think the problems we now have can be solved and I will make some suggestions in my next post that I hope will be helpful.

That is the issue facing us now and I hope you will work with me by thinking this through and maybe giving my ideas a chance to work at the coming AGM. It may not be perfect but I think it will be a basis for improvement. If Peter takes over and from what I heard last night about the latest developments, he may have increased his chances, then truly the lunatic will have taken over the asylum.

Can you imagine what MCF will be like if what Jimmy and Peter does becomes official policy of MCF rather than an outside show like it is now?

Thank you for giving me the chance to explain. Until my next post then.

All my best to Malaysian chess.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Food for thought.


Ref: Here.

I was just informed that there is no more deal. It is now a straight fight to the finish. That makes sense. If Peter was to wait for 6 months after March, then he won't be able to send who he wants for SEA games. So this changes the dynamics, the nature of the game and Peter has the very potent weapon of the accounts is his arsenal. You agree?

So how did this crazy situation arise? We have Peter who has not even managed to get KLCA in working order fighting for the national post against Greg who many people still think is probably the best Secretary we have ever had, in serious danger of being checkmated or worse.

One word. Arrogance. Greg missed a very very important clue on the chessboard. It is very very very apparent that many people are feeding me information. Otherwise how would I know what is going on? I hardly travel out of Perak and I cannot be everywhere at once. So FGM has been expressing the anger and frustrations of many people. A large part of the anger was built up over selection for the Olympiads. But he paid no heed. It is very possible that even the people in Peter and Jimmy's camp is feeding me information via 3rd parties. Why not if it helps to take Greg down? The vast bulk of the information is verifiable against the constitution at the AGM.

So the very same people Greg has helped to go to the Olympiads via the back door etc etc etc is now using all the angry energy generated from the Olympiads to take him down. Ironic don't you think? Now Peter is going to use all that energy from the anger around selection for the Olympiads to take away both the Olympiads and SEA games too. Bravo. Great chess drama.

We now face the possible future where any player stronger than what Peter and Jimmy can produce will be banned or attacked till they are psychologically broken and cannot play strong chess anymore, private organisers who do not kow tow will be attacked. No more private initiatives for training by GM apart from Peter University. Guess how much he will charge you? Ref: Here. Don't even try to win selection if any or you will be attacked. He will set Jimmy on you.

So this is not a story of good guy bad guy. This is the story of a very imperfect man who I still think has some basic decency against a total opportunist and snake medicine seller. The scorpion has shown himself.

All you had to do Greg, was to address the legitimate grievances and issues. Then there won't be so much anger to cloud their judgement. Then people can still see what you have accomplished. You are now in a trap of your own making. Now it may be too late. I hope not.

For all of Malaysian chess will suffer a major setback if Peter succeeds. I have tried to warn you many many times.

I will try to address the issues again in my next post.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Accounts, half of the story.

The Constitution. Here.

From the information I have been given this is how the accounts will be presented as well as what is going on. The accounts is presented as a series of reconciliation based just on the bank balances. This is not correct for the reasons I will explain further down. What I have also been told is that the horse traders are invited in one at a time to determine the conditions they want to elicit their support for this presentation at AGM. I am also told that they have also gotten an "auditor" that everybody loves to sign off on the accounts.

If that is true then we have many layers of traps being constructed. However I must place a caveat here. The only real way to verify the information given to me is at the AGM. If it is true, then at least you will be well prepared. So lets continue with the story of the accounts and the possible traps.

The accounts.

All the ingoings and outgoings must be accompanied by the appropriate authority. And the constitution in article 20.4 says that anything over RM200 must have the approval of the main committee. I believe this condition has not been met. So this is going to be a big whammy.

My information also tells me that many amounts have not even been banked in. For instance, money from Fide and the Asian Chess Federation. So if this is true then it should be queried at the AGM.

The State Affiliates also have the right to understand the deals made in Melaka for instance. Let me explain. Lets call this the kiri kanan magic trick. Say the money from Fide is given out as prize money. Is there anything wrong with that?

Actually the money from Fide belongs to the entire Malaysian chess community for development which has been used for an outside event. So that is the stake that we have all put into the deal and so we have the right to get a return that goes back into the Federation. But what if that right is given away to a private entity and then the return is returned to a private individual? Fide (our) money goes into the deal via kiri, money comes out of the deal via kanan from a private pocket into another private pocket and hey presto, magic trick. Money gone right before our eyes. Neat trick yes?

So the State Affiliates have the right to know about the structure of the deal and about the authority given to the officials to negotiate on behalf of MCF. Yes?

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other irregularities which I have written about before.

The traps.

Now what do you think will be the role of the horse traders at the AGM? They have already been "convinced" for a "consideration" to silang the discussions if anybody dares to bring this up. And here you will find that those with the most gangster type demeanor has the prized skill that can hold sway. And we know who has been practicing that type of kung fu right? You talk and I will shout at you. I will call you names, call you stupid, fool etc. And I am a master at this game. Not chess right? What has happened to the reasoning and where are the problem solving skills of chess?

But say you survive that opening trap and you manage to raise the questions although you are by now shaking in your boots by the shoutings of a "mad master".

Then the second opening trick is sprung. Now the silat comes out. Hey, that is your good friend. He is a nice guy and he signed off on it. Do you want to get him in trouble? Be reasonable. Come on. That is not the Malaysian way. Don't ask questions. Just resign the game.

An aside: Haven't we seen this trick before? Is this similar to the Li Tian story? Don't ask questions. He is a nice boy. (Remember the test will be at NC and NJ. The rest doesn't count). And the questions are asked to his adult handlers and not him. But still it is a good trick no? Very versatile opening. Can use in many games.

Only if you get past all these opening tricks can we get to the meat of the game. But you know all these kan? You are all chess players.

But this is still only one half of the story as told to me by inside sources. And it is still not complete. To evaluate well we need to see the full picture, the full board. Then we can be fair and come to a balanced and well reasoned conclusions. And we want to be fair right? We want to build up Malaysian chess. We want our own GM.

Note: This should not be about anger or revenge. That will not change anything. Yes, there are issues that are screaming for resolution. Yes, we want our Malaysian GM and we need money to do it. We need money to run the programs. So how to do it if the money disappears in magic tricks?

The really really big question is how do we get to a Malaysian GM using all of our best talents, resources and as a team. A biggie right given the mess we are in?

So please suspend any judgement till tomorrow. Until then.

All my best to Malaysian chess.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Can Greg survive the ambush? Lets study the position.

Ref: Here.

Let me tell you what I know. Up to NAG many States were sold on the idea of writing in to COS. I even helped to draft a letter to COS for one of them. Up to that point the discussions were centered on how to find a compromise so that we can retain our best official talents as well as find new ones and nobody has to go to prison.

Note: The accounts is an explosive dynamite and if not handled properly can lead to the involvement of other Authorities. I will write more on it after the weekend.

So up to that point the discussions were centered on how to improve on what we have. The end of illegal banning, allowing other Academies and private organisers the space to develop themselves without being attacked etc. Protecting our players so they can progress based on their chess via proper selection etc etc etc.

But something changed during NAG. Suddenly I am asked to attack this person and that person on my blog. Then I am told that the COS option is not being pursued anymore. So I want to state my stand again here. I am not for any party. I only want a good environment for everybody in the chess community and I am not interested in any post. I write based on issues.

So why the change of position? I am told there is a new deal in town. What I have been told is that the deal being pushed by Peter is that the incumbents can stay for 6 months after AGM to save face and then they must resign and make way for Peter and his people.

If that happens, I think all our worst nightmares will come true. So let me tell you why I think this has a good chance to succeed and this is a major game changer.

Up to this point it has been a discussion by people of goodwill. Nobody I have spoken to wanted to or would have used the weapon of the accounts to put Greg etc in prison. It was just a bargaining chip to win some concessions for improvement.

If my judgement has any validity, the one person that will use this weapon to destroy would be Peter. And if he uses this weapon he will probably have Greg totally pinned. In fact maybe even checkmated. And what he wants will probably transpire.

As far as I can see, the only sure way to stop his plans will be for the States to stop those 15 illegal votes. Look, the current committee have 15 votes. Peter has 3. That means that they already have the equivalent of 6 states. There are only 9 States left with any votes. All Peter needs is 2 more States and he will have 8 to your 7. All the 15 votes on the committee will probably vote as a block. With the threat of prison term wielded by a mad man for possibly some of them, what do you think they will do?

Are any of you willing to bet that Peter loves chess and is doing this for the benefit of the chess community?

All it takes is one man who doesn't care about anybody aside from himself to hold everyone hostage. If Peter says he will use this weapon would you believe him? Is he capable of such an act? I think so. And I think Greg knows that too.

You need to take away that power from him. Then it becomes 9 States versus one pseudo State. Then if he issues threats, it's just one mad dog barking. Do you think I have any basis to be concerned?

Look, this man together with Jimmy is even able to convince parents to work against the interests of their own children. They know how to sell snake medicine. They are able to hoodwink many people into thinking they can make GM's, that they know more about chess than anyone in the whole world including GM's.

So I think he has a chance to succeed. I think he already has the other 2 States that he needs. Don't underestimate them or you will wake up on March the 11th in a very different Malaysian chess world. These people don't care who or what they destroy in order to further their ambitions.

Write in to COS. If I am wrong then you can have a good laugh at my expense. I don't mind. But do think about what will happen if I am right?

Friday, February 22, 2013

The MCF connection.

We know that they will not come out and play no matter how humbly we ask them. This has nothing to do with humility. This is about fear. They can only create the illusion of strength when they play overseas and certain conditions are met. But even then the illusions are crumbling as it is now very difficult to find tournaments which is not posting up the games. So they are getting very very desperate for they cannot really play chess. All they have is insults, diversions, fabrications etc. But very low level chess. Otherwise they will just come out and play and shut me up for good. I even invite them in advance. NC and NJ. No ambush. Fair advance notice so they can train. They can even arrange their own arbiter, play tag team or whatever they want when they take over MCF. Ref: Here. So what is the problem?

They are actually nothing more than cartoon characters if they did not have strong influence within MCF. Put in proper selection and then they can come with their fat numbers and do a fashion parade and then we will bungkus them and send them home. After a few times they will learn that they actually have to play chess and forget their PR campaigns and gangster ways. The only thing that keeps these jokers around is simply because they know they do not have to play real chess to represent the Country. So what is the problem now?

They already have the Olympiads. Absolutely without any regard to anyone else except themselves. And now they want SEA games too. Ref: Here. But they cannot play chess. At least not at the level they want us to think. Can they be any better than GM Ziaur Rahman? Can they possibly be better than the Ukrainian Coach?

But they want SEA games too. And that is what the fight is about now. Peter wants a deal to put in his own man as President. And Greg is saying be reasonable Peter, you guys already have Olympiads as your special club. Just be contented. SEA games cannot play like that lah. SEA games got government involved. Let me handle it my way. But they don't see eye to eye. Peter is saying, but I couldn't get to go to Olympiads last time. Just the time before. I feel left out. Not enough places. I need SEA games too or I will boot you out.

And the test they put Greg through which he failed was, ban FGM, ban Mark etc etc. But Greg is saying, be reasonable Jimmy and Peter. On what grounds? For training Sumant? For that one incident at NJ that was already properly ruled and resolved in 2010? But Peter and Jimmy is saying. Why worry about any grounds? Do like what we do. We can ban without grounds, represent the Country without selection or being able to play chess, attack anyone we like etc. What constitution, what rules of Fide? That is all rubbish. All we need is intimidation, fat numbers and PR campaigns.

Look at our success rate so far. How many players have we destroyed without ever having to play chess?

If we don't do this, we will be history. Don't you know that people are now finding out about us? How much longer do you think we can dance and not play in real tournaments before everybody finds out we cannot play chess anymore but can only keep insulting them so they continue to believe we can play chess?

So we need to challenge you Greg. We know you are weak now. Not enough votes. So I will go to Kelantan to try and get votes on my side. No need CNY even. That is not important. And Greg went to Terengganu. And so the drama is being played out.

This story tells us a few things. For Greg at least he likes to have a semblance of rules to continue to look legitimate. For Peter and Jimmy, what rules? We just do as we please. And we want SEA games now or we will fight you. The Olympiads is just not enough. We have too many cronies and Peter has a product to sell.

And so Peter looks for the parents that have influence or votes. Look he says. I know some of you have spent 10s of thousands developing your child. And he/she is going past 15. Let me tell you what I can do. Ref: Here.

The thing is the product doesn't work. When we first came into National level chess, stories abound about a parent that paid over 200K to make his child a GM. But very hard to validate because who would want to admit that he was cheated out of that amount? Look, the GM's will not allow cheap entry into their ranks. It may be possible to arrange one or two games in a private room. But a GM run? Hmmmm

Another parent told me he paid RM10K for one week of training by a GM. And that fee does not cover food and lodging. And he is not the only parent that have spent those kind of amounts. Not by a long shot.

Desperate people will buy desperate solutions. Especially if they believe the snake medicine sellers story that their kids are all washed out by 15yo.

Anyway that looks like the drama of the day. And the influence they have to take over MCF is via the accounts. More on that later. I will then talk about the Presidential race after that.

Now the funny thing is this. And I say it again. These are deals made by horse traders who are not supposed to have votes except for KLCA. And if it works and Greg is unable to mount a good defence then we will be welcoming Peter in soon as our new Secretary of MCF.

And then wholesale bannings will occur. You cannot play for KL unless you belong to Peter University. You cannot even play for Malaysia unless you go to, sure I can make you GM University. But only if you have the right bargaining chips. You cannot even organise as a private organiser in KL unless you pay bunga emas (tribute) to KLCA. You think this is fantasy? Talk to Hamid and Fadli.

None of this has to happen if the States are able to regain their rights. Or they will walk into a done deal and have zero say. Has anyone written to COS yet? Yes? No?

In short, Peter now wants total control of MCF and the best way to prevent this happening is for the States to regain control of this chess game. Don't leave it to chance. Greg is not that strong and Jimmy and Peter has a product that is very very tempting to some parents after all that heavy investment. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work. That is not how snake medicine is sold.

Ok. Lets talk about the accounts again next. New tidbits.

Btw, as the story goes, that boy didn't make it as GM even after the parent had paid over 200K. In fact he has dropped out of chess altogether.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

FGM humbly requests the following strong chess players to play chess.

I can now see clearly the error of my ways. I now understand why we need Jimmy and Peter to tell us who is strong and who is weak. I now realise that I cannot think for myself for my brain has atrophied from lack of use for too many years. So I deeply apologise to you Jimmy and to you also Peter. I now realise that without the 2 of you Malaysian chess cannot progress. Even 13 yo IM Goh, the coming GM, has come out to chastise me. Thank you guys for showing me the right path. You must really care for me to take out so much time.

You are right. You were right to attack the training by GM Ziaur Rahman for the Juniors. He was a foreign plant used by FGM to destroy Malaysian chess. I can now see my error. Malaysia needs real chess Champions like you guys to show us the way. I will now ask Mark to even forget what he has been taught by the Ukrainian IM chess trainer who coached the Ukrainian Youth Team. Please forgive my ignorance, I do not play chess. We will now all sit by your knee and listen diligently to the pearls of wisdom that fall from your lips.

I see now why you needed to ban Mark from KL Open, attack Zhuo Ren and Sumant. I was leading them astray when I asked them to train and to fight their best for the SEA games selection. Ref: Here. I humbly apologise again. Please forgive my ignorance. I do not play chess.

I know you will forgive me because all of you prize humility. So I am relieved that I am dealing with you guys and not gangsters. But can you help me out here if I humbly tell you my confusion?

Jimmy, we were there at the 11 rounds rapid at Malaysian Open and you did worse than Mark. Then we saw you play at the Olympiads where you were about the same standard as Li Tian. So in my confusion I thought that maybe Mok could be a stronger authority on chess. I would have in error also consulted with Zhuo Ren because he played powerful chess there or even Yee Weng. You see my problem? For you to say that we must all shut up and only listen to you, you must play very very powerful chess indeed to be able to tell us that even the training by a fighting GM is lousy.

So please help us out here Jimmy. All of Malaysia is now lost because we don't know who to believe anymore. I know you are only keeping your chess skills secret like a true kung fu master. But we are all suffering a crisis in confidence. So can I humbly ask that humble Jimmy please show us why we are all wrong at the coming National Close? I am confident that you don't even need prequalification and will play in the main field because you are a Ferrari. Mark will also be there and I hope you won't be offended by the sight of a small kancil next to your august presence.

I am sure that by allowing us weak, unable to think for ourselves Malaysians, see how a Ferrari actually runs, we can all sigh with relief that we have you to guide us.

Peter, you go around telling us who is strong and who is weak like you are the next God besides Jimmy. I apologise I did not see your radiance because you stood too close to Jimmy. You see I was a little taken aback by the fact you did not even see Roshan when you were tauting for Li Tian as strongest Junior. And then Roshan bungkus Li Tian, Eng Chiam bungkus Li Tian. So please forgive me for coming to the wrong conclusions. I do not play chess.

Then you proudly announced that you are Roshan's coach for World Youth. And you did warn us that he will only come in around 50 plus. I felt sure that it was only a ploy on your part because you are very humble too. Just like Jimmy and Chin Seng. So I mistakenly thought that you will pull a spectacular stunt and bring Roshan to great heights being the master that you are. So I was a little disappointed when you talked about players rooms and sightseeing and Roshan came in 70 plus. Please forgive me, I do not play chess.

How else can you explain my blindness to your chess prowess? I didn't even know with your kind of clarity that Sumant can beat Mok and draw with Yee Weng at SEA games selection. All I said was train hard, prepare well, apply the correct strategy and fight your best etc etc. So forgive my ignorance, I do not play chess.

And then we saw your player at NJ after a year away from chess. Wow, Peter's student. Must be strong. Jimmy's student; must be super strong. Maybe we should pull out. But my stupid FGM philosophy is that we still fight it out and test how strong they really are with such masters helping them. Maybe we might even learn something. But both of them didn't prove to be that strong and lost. Lucky thing we didn't pull out from fright yes?

Then I remembered that you have not even played a proper tournament in years. You see my confusion? I want to shut down this blog and come and enrol Mark in your for sure can be GM University with crystal ball vision. You must play very powerful chess indeed to make all these predictions but you are too humble to show us your prowess. So I hope you can see why I still have some very very minor reservations. I hear what you say and you must be right. All our Juniors are hopeless except for Li Tian. And we must believe you because you are a master. Another Ferrari. Maybe only a slightly smaller model than Jimmy's.

Come and play chess Peter. Show us why you can call us stupid at the National Close. Show us why you are right in banning Mark without grounds. I know you can see far Peter because you are a chess master. So help us to end our confusion. We need you to lead us into glory as the new coming Secretary of MCF if your deep plan works.

FGM also humbly requests humble Chin Seng to allow Li Tian to play at National Junior this year.

Dear humble Chin Seng, I know that Nabil, Syakir, Sumant, Eng Chiam, Roshan, Jian Wen, Mark etc are all weak Juniors. We are all very lucky that you are such a humble person. So I know that you will hear our very humble requests for Li Tian to come and teach them all how to play chess at NJ. I am only sorry that they are so weak that at best it will only be a very light warm up for Li Tian before he goes out to beat super GM's. I apologise again for their weakness and the inconvenience it must cost you to play in such a weak field. But as a humble Malaysian who loves his Country, I am sure you won't mind. After all Li Tian has benefited from the Country's sponsorship. So no big deal to play a little chess with his much weaker Junior fellow Malaysians and give a little back right?

Thank you in advance in heeding my humble request, humble Chin Seng.

All my best to Malaysian chess. May the best player win in the AGM. And with Jimmy, Peter guiding us and the soon coming GM, Li Tian, we can all rest easy now. No need to do any more work.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What did the last SEA games and Olympiad tell us and what is the difference between them?

If you go to Jimmy's blog, you will see that they are arguing about ratings again. And I have said that tournaments and not ratings is the best way to select our players. So which is the truth or is it neither? Lets see.

Let me first make the assertion that Jimmy would like us to believe that ratings is the way simply because it allows for the art of making fat numbers. Let me also say that if you go down this road then it will be very hard for you to play in tough tournaments because the numbers and your skills won't match. And then it will be very hard to initiate a proper PR campaign.

Let me also say that the primary role of Jimmy's site is to cause as much static as possible by the use of diversions, belligerence, insults, my M is bigger than your M or no M etc. Anything to prevent the truth from coming out.

So lets start with the Olympiad. In Malaysia the Olympiad is funded by private sponsors. And we know that MCF announced that the National Close is the selection criteria. And we also know that none of the players who went there made the squad. Li Tian was President's choice. But lets also look at how the choice of players were made. If we base it on ratings, then it is very obvious that Jimmy should not have gone. Zhuo Ren's inclusion is also interesting since he also does not have the rating to go. To get a better understanding we will look at SEA games after this.

The simple truth is that the selection is not based on ratings or tournament. It is based just on the sponsor's choice.

So why are you guys arguing with Peter and Jimmy about ratings? It is just a diversion so you cannot see the truth. That is their role as snake medicine sellers. Aiyah!

The question we need MCF to answer at the AGM is why was this allowed to happen? If the private sponsor wants to sponsor an event for the people he loves, then go to any of the other tournaments around the world where he just have to pay. Why take away the Olympiads which belongs to the entire Malaysian chess community?

All the States are working hard so that their players have a chance to represent the Country. The parents are paying and paying so that their children has a chance to represent the Country if they are good enough. The players are training hard, spending long hours everyday so they have a chance to represent the Country if they play good chess.

So why steal from them when the sponsor can afford to just privately sponsor his favorites to any of the tournaments in the region or around the world?

Don't you want the answer to this question, State Affiliates? Don't you want to know who the sponsor is? Regain your rights by writing to COS and then ask that question at the AGM. Come on man, you are supposed to be the boss.

Now lets us turn to the last SEA games. Who is the sponsor for SEA games? Yes, the government of Malaysia. So there was a "selection" of sorts. Top 10 from NC and the IM's. But at the play off there were 2 additional players outside of the top 10. SEA games is not quite so easy to manipulate since the National Sports Council is involved. The Olympic Council of Malaysia is also peripherally involved. So they need the semblance of selection.

So this needs special treatment. Can you now see why the FGM training was such a threat to them? They want to bungkus the SEA games too but they must have a "selection". So it must be a selection where they can psycho the players into not daring to train. Look, they come from the school of fat numbers and FGM teaches the school of tough training and fighting spirit. And mumbo jumbo like competitor analysis etc. So how? Yes, attack the players. Get them to write nasty emails. Then reward him with a place at the Olympiad for his cooperation. See above on Olympiad. Hammer and punish them if they dare to win.

Then next SEA games senang lah. Now even Government money we can makan. So we have 2 free holidays now.

What ratings? It has never been about ratings. It has always been about the back doors and PR campaigns. What do you think they are positioning Li Tian for? Fat numbers but cannot play at NJ. Do you think the coming SEA games will have fair selection? Will they allow for training? Or are they busy setting up the back door channels even as they speak to you?

Don't the State Affiliates want to make sure that the players from their States are given a fair shot? That they are allowed to train with who they want without being attacked? That if they win their place they can play without harassment?

Isn't it the job of the State Affiliates to protect the integrity of their States and to protect their State players? So why no noise after the Olympiad selection fiasco? They have stolen from you and now they want to vote themselves in again so they can finally bungkus SEA games too.

So don't you want to ask the committee any questions at AGM or are you going to go quietly and then go back and then shout on the blogs about the Malaysian GM. How dah? All potential GM's sudah bungkus by fat numbers snake medicine sellers? Isn't that what has happened to those that dared to train and do their best in every tournament? Where is Eng Chiam now?

All our players have is the State Affiliates to fight for them at the AGM so they can fight on the table for our Country. You have to do your fight at the AGM so that the real chess players can do theirs on the board for Malaysia in the International arena. Otherwise no GM. We have the talent. Don't let them down.

But how, oh how will you do that if you have lost your rights too? If you get tricked into surrendering your rights to the snake medicine seller?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And the "Secretaries" are off the running block and full into the race.

Ref: Here.

The last mile and a lot can change in the race according to the strategy applied and the mettle of the people fighting in the race and the mettle of the people being convinced on which side to take. To help clarify matters let me categorically say that FGM is not in the race. I am not going for a post nor will I accept any if offered. What I am trying to do here is to give all stakeholders as much information as possible to make informed decisions and choices.

So let us take a closer look at this chess game and what the issues are on the chessboard. I think we can all agree that they will all say that they want to improve chess in Malaysia.

And so I have brought up issues like fraudulent selection, banning without grounds, attacking of the Juniors on certain blogs, the rights of the States, the big question of where the money is going to within MCF etc. etc.

Now let us clearly understand this concept first. The coming AGM will be the first AGM under COS. And in law there is this concept called precedence. That means that once certain practices are accepted then this becomes the norm. And once this is established then it becomes more difficult to challenge in subsequent AGMs.

So questions like if resolutions are allowed, whether it is the committee electing the committee or the States electing the committee are important questions to ask in this very first game of COS AGM chess.

I wish I was a fly on the wall and can listen in on the conversations. On the surface it does look like Greg is playing a good game by meeting the "people". Of course what we would like to know is if Greg is offering to look into the issues and addressing some of them at least so that we will have a better future for Malaysian chess. I hope he is explaining to Terengganu how he hopes to develop the Juniors so that we have a strong team that can eventually take over the senior team. Hopefully before Jimmy retires from old age. So many substantive issues to discuss. So many ways we can do things better.

So I hope he has a plan. Maybe he is also explaining the mechanics better to Terengganu on how they can impact on Federation policies and how they can put in proper questions to ask about the accounts etc.

But on the surface I must give him points for effort. We will discuss more on the issues as we approach the AGM. But let us now quickly look at the other Secretary's run.

Ref: Here.

Yes Peter is also in the race. Besides his post above he is telling us about the issues he stands for on Jimmy's blog. Here. So we have Greg and his campaign where we do not know what is being discussed and Peter who is also campaigning on Jimmy's blog by calling people idiots. By saying that Fide rating is the way at one moment when he wants to promote his product by naming the strongest Junior and then saying that Fide rating is not the way when he has another agenda.

All I can tell from his PR campaign is that we just have to listen to him and Jimmy and not use our own thinking at all. Then he goes around saying he wants to ban this and ban that. Ref: Here. So I don't know. I am not too convinced.

You see, if I were him and he really wants a chance to stand for Secretary so he can sell his real products, I would not have done it like this. But what do I know right?

Maybe he is just using his 3 votes to get a deal and not worried about who he offends that do not have a vote. But I wonder if there is anybody in Malaysian chess that will fall for his U12 opening tricks. Any way he is in the game and we are mere spectators. So he and Jimmy must have a deeper plan. Besides he plays powerful chess and he keeps telling all the rest of us how stupid we are. So lets just sit and enjoy watching the masters at play.

Imagine bringing in IM Goh to pitch for their credibility. Hey, don't they realise that some players here may think that it's a Singapore plot to take revenge after their humiliating defeat on Jan 1, 2011 on their home ground? After that no more Mal/Sing. But their chances may improve dramatically if they can get Jimmy, Peter and Li Tian to play right? Directly after knocking out and demoralising all the really strong Malaysian chess players. Maybe? A very dangerous PR exercise at best. It could backfire kan?

So that is very briefly Peter, his campaign manager Jimmy, for his run. I think he didn't make it off the block.

As far as I can see now, our hopes for Malaysian chess to grow, must now lie with Greg and his silent plans and the other player who has not revealed himself publicly yet. Lets us hope that one or the other can come up with something to stop the rot. I hope that maybe they can even cooperate for the sake of our players. Work together, for our real chess players deserve the best.

But we do need action on the real issues and not just window dressing. Bring in the States, there is a lot of untapped potential there. Don't cut them out of the decision making process. As far as the Constitution says, they are the boss. But not after this coming AGM if the committee elects the committee. Then in one stroke they will all become eunuchs. Pardon my french.

All my best to Malaysian chess in the coming AGM. May the best player win. But the big question then of course is if you are playing for Malaysia or only for yourself and your small and loyal band of cronies.

Monday, February 18, 2013

And then we come to the Accounts.

See what is happening in another sport in Malaysia. Here.

Do you see a link between the modus operandi of fattening ratings and then the players cannot even play in a selection or risk being found out and the fattening of the numbers of the committee members of MCF beyond what is allowed for in the Constitution and from another Authority even?

Doesn't it say that they have something to hide? Doesn't it tell us that they are afraid of losing which also tells us that we are actually winning, no? They know that they don't have the numbers at AGM. They know that if they play in a proper selection they will be history.

So they need to stop you asking questions about selection and the accounts. Let me share some rumours here. I am told that there is a lot of horse trading going on now. They have about 15 votes. (18 if you add KLCA). Enough to jam any questions from the majority of the States. The rumours go that I will support your accounts and agenda if you do this and this; if this guy becomes President, Secretary etc.

Just rumours or can I say drama?

Why do I say drama? Because actually the horse traders do not actually have a vote do they? They will only have a vote if nobody writes in to COS.

So isn't this the game? I do not have to play real chess if I can convince you there is no need. All I have to do is to create an illusion that I am a Ferrari. I do not even have to worry about what the States want or not want. All I have to do is to create the illusion that COS won't act. Don't put up your hands, the arbiter will always rule against you.

And so all these things came to pass. Does the link above debunk the "feeling" that even COS is out to destroy Malaysian chess?

I read all those messages on facebook talking about "building up" Malaysian chess etc etc. Use your chess training. What is the opponent doing here? Never disturb the opponent when he is making a mistake, when he is going down the wrong track.

How are we to progress when our strongest and real chess players are taken out in this manner? First they say Fide rating, then they say forget about the Fide rating. You can be the strongest Junior and the strongest player only when Jimmy and Peter says so. The simple fact is that the ratings can be got from "select" tournaments or from fighting in real tournaments. The best way to find out who can play chess and who can only fatten numbers is by playing a proper selection. Who do you want to represent Malaysia? The player who will stand tall and take the fight to the opponent or the pretty fat numbers? Aiyah! Choose the chess players not the pretty numbers. That is really building Malaysian chess right?

And how do you develop Malaysian chess when the money is disappearing?

We can take a solid step to building Malaysian chess if the States can ask the real questions. About selection and the accounts. For all these to happen, you must first write in to COS. As many States as possible.

That is building Malaysian chess. 

The rest is just the drama and the noise. Go to Jimmy's site to see what I mean. Pusing, pusing pusing. So many years and they keep changing the story over and over again. Aren't you tired of it? We don't have to listen to rumours anymore.

At the AGM the States can find out the truth when the rights of the States are recognised and restored. The "committee members" will then have to present the evidence to them. And then the States can do like what the sport in the link above have done.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Can you name a State that doesn't want selection apart from KLCA?

And KLCA isn't even a real State Association is it?

Now according to Jimmy and Peter, everybody wants to destroy Malaysian chess except for them. So training by a GM is destroying Malaysian chess so it must be attacked. Training for selection against the IM's is destroying Malaysian chess and so it too must be attacked. Even asking for selection itself is a mad ploy by FGM to destroy Malaysian chess. MCF is hiding information from Peter. And now even Fide is out to destroy world chess.

So only they are right. They say fat numbers is the way. And then Peter says it is not the way. Ref: Comments here. So it is confusing. Then we remember that he didn't even know that his own student, Roshan, was strong when he promoted, and still continues to promote, "Jimmy's" student, Li Tian. And then we remember that Roshan, Eng Chiam and Syazwan all bungkus Li Tian at NC2012.

Then we were shown the games by Li Tian that many people feel are suspect. And then we see this young boy, a strong Junior overseas, and his game. Here. And I suddenly remember a conversation with GM Ziaur Rahman. He told us to follow the masters. We asked him how do we know who is a master and who pretends to be a master. And he said, "you can taste the quality of the games".

Then we hear Peter and Jimmy saying this player Mark Siew is so weak. But then both Peter's and Jimmy's players at NJ lost to Mark. And even after Mark had not played for a year. And so I get even more confused. All these power Malaysian chess building exercises by Peter and Jimmy is so confusing. It must be because I do not "play chess". But hey! even Fide has not figured it out yet. So there must still hope for me yet.

The Jimmy and Peter method says that you don't need to win a Junior Tournament to be the strongest Junior. All you need is a fat number. In fact their method says that you must not even play in a selection in case you lose despite the fat number. So they represent the Country at the senior level by not having to play in any tough selection. Just a PR campaign will do.

So it is very confusing yes? But that is not really the problem is it? If they want to think they are Ferrari's let them. No law against that even if we see only a kup chai. It's just a fairy tale.

So we train our way by learning about chess and playing in tough tournaments and they spend their time in making deals, PR campaigns, getting fatter numbers and avoiding Open tournaments unless certain conditions are met. Unless the conditions for suspect games are met. But so what. They need the adulation. Let them. We continue to learn how to play real chess. Let them do it their way and we do it the way that makes sense to us. No problem.

But now this is a problem.

It becomes a problem when MCF does not allow for selection and we pick our players to represent the Country based solely on their fairy tales.

It becomes a problem when the MCF committee formed during ROS days now tries to elect itself in again under COS. How can this be? 2 different Authorities. So there is no committee under COS. How can they have 14/15 votes?

I predict that 9 out of the 10 State Affiliates so far approved from my latest information, cannot want automatic selection or something will be very very wrong. How can they want Jimmy and Li Tian to play without going through a proper selection?

If they do, won't they be openly sabotaging their own State and all the strong players in it?

The big question now is if even 9 States want selection out of the 10, can they even bring the matter up for discussion and debate? We already know that the incumbents do not want selection. They want Jimmy and Li Tian to play for Malaysia without contest.

But we know what MCF doesn't know. We know that if the really strong players in Malaysia comes to play in selection for SEA games at NC say, both Jimmy and Li Tian won't make it. And if Li Tian plays at NJ he will have a tough tough time. Provided Roshan, Nabil, Syakir, Jian Wen, Eng Chiam, Sumant, Yit San, Mark etc plays. So far he has not even made top 6.

So we know Jimmy talks nonsense, Peter talks nonsense and is today only capable of training U12's at best. We know this from his performance as "Coach" at World Youth. We know this from the performance of his player at NJ.

Now do you understand why they have fattened their numbers in the ROS committee? They need to stop you asking questions on selection. So write in to COS and stop this nonsense. Let the States have their say. If they say let Jimmy and Li Tian play without selection, then so be it. The States have that right. But it cannot be the committee members from another Authority ie ROS that tells all the States under COS what to do.

Does that make sense?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

MCF committee elects MCF committee.

Does this sound right to you? I think this is normal and everything is as it should be. Let me share my perspective.

The AGM is on the 10th of March. And I have been given information that there is now an enlarged list of MCF committee members. Around 14/15 as opposed to the 10 allowed for in the Constitution. Lets say 15. That is the equivalent of 5 States since it is said that each committee member has one vote. And the States have 3 each but only if they bring 3 persons to vote.

The last information that I have showed that 10 States have been approved as State Affiliates and allowed to vote at the AGM. For the sake of argument lets say that 4 States are for the incumbent and 6 States want a change. With the committee members having the votes that will theoretically translate to 9 States in terms of votes for status quo versus 6 States that want change. And the incumbents will vote themselves back in won't they? They want to win this game too.

Remember this is chess. If the rules have been infringed and you don't put up your hand and call in the arbiter then we say in chess you deserve to lose. So why would you complain after the game? It is too late. Game over. Nasi dah jadi bubur.

After the game you will say that it is not fair. It is the States that should elect the committee. How can the committee elect the committee? You will say that as the State Affiliate, you participate in the age group programs and the junior programs. And then you say that you want to see a Sabahan, a Johorean etc etc in the senior Malaysian squad if your players are any good for the pride of your State. But for this to happen there must be a fair selection.

And then you remember this blog which has been telling you that this is not possible. You need Jimmy's permission. And he will say this. No training program by a GM. No training allowed for selection. Or I will attack you, your players and your program. He will say, wait for your turn or you will make enemies. You see, I still want to play for Malaysia but without selection. And Peter will say, kow tow to me or I will ban your player. I don't need any grounds for I am the God of chess. Together with their contact in MCF they can raise or destroy any player. So forget about chess. Learn how to deal. But when I am retired from old age and not before.

Why am I saying this? People have come to me to ask my opinion and I have said, write in to COS. This doesn't sound right. Get their ruling. But I hear that now they are saying that they "feel" COS won't rule against the incumbent. And they have engaged lawyers etc etc.

Aiyah! Imagined fears. Get the ruling first. If the ruling is not correct then engage the lawyers. What can your lawyer do when there has been no ruling yet? Aiyah! How dah?

If you are in the game of chess, just put up your hands and call for the nearest floor arbiter. You cannot "feel", oh this arbiter is from China and he won't rule in Malaysia's favour. That is wrong thinking. If that arbiter rules unfairly, call for the Chief Arbiter. If still not satisfied, appeal. There is a process so use it.

It is simple. If you don't use the process, then you deserve to lose. So what if you have 7 States to their 3 even. They still outvote you by 8 States to 7. They are the incumbent committee members. Where do you think their loyalty will lie?

Do you expect your opponent in chess to tell you that he/she has infringed the laws of chess? That he/she judges that you are winning and will explain the postition to you when you want to resign the game?

Come on my friends. Also please don't tell me to attack this person or that person on my blog. I stand for issues although I use examples from public sources. I stand for clean and fair selection. Maybe it will be the incumbents that will see the sense of my arguments. Who knows? Stranger things have happened in life.

You want to win then you get your act together. Write in to COS and then it is up to the States. If you don't do that you will just have no say. In chess, they say from opening sudah bungkus. So why do you still want to play? You are outclassed.

The other funny thing is why are you all waiting for each other to write in first? Just write. It is legal to do so. The more States that write in the better. So please no complaints after the AGM k? My assessment is that you have a won game. But you just cannot see it. And you are playing the game, not me. I am just coaching my son now and I write a small chess blog. If you want the position and the honour of high office then fight for it within the law. If you want change and improvement, then write in to COS and have your say as expressed for in the Constitution.

FGM wishes all parties fighting for the posts in MCF good luck. May the best player win.

And btw Happy Valentines day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Licensing players, A Context.

Ref: Here.

Sometimes we may feel that we are personally under attack when we are unable to see the context of an action or argument. So for today let us try to find some context for this action. For this thinking exercise let us just make the following assumptions.

Let us assume that Fide believes that sports is something that is meant to unite rather than to divide. And so Fide believes that politics has no place in sports. Let us also assume that Fide as the world body sees that it's success as a whole is also dependent on the performance of its parts ie the National Federations.

Lets us also say that Fide thinks that they can get big and long term sponsorship for the sports of Chess if it can clean up it's act. And if this happens, Chess may also be included in the Olympics.

Many assumptions I know and we have no experience of Fide other than our own experience with MCF. And so we look at Fide as an extension of how MCF conducts it's actions. But for today, I ask you not to make that connection. For today, lets just say that MCF is the child that has gone astray and the parent wants to bring the child back into the fold.

To help in this visualisation process, let us say that Nicol David was found to have cheated her way to the World Championship. Very difficult to imagine because we are all so proud of her. But lets just try this for a little while. What would happen to the game of squash? What would happen to the really good sponsors that want to ride on her reputation as a fierce and clean fighter? What would happen to their branding?

If we can see that, then maybe we can also see that the Licensing of officials and players may make some sense if there is indeed match fixing on a serious scale. Peter implies that this is a plot by Ignatius to destroy Chess. Ref: Comments here. And some may believe him because we have no other examples except that shown to us by Jimmy, Peter and MCF. And so the whole world must be like them. In Malay they say that view is "macam katak di bawah tempurung". Ergo, missing the context.

Those few supporters of Jimmy and Peter have never been overseas to fight in a tournament. They have not invested heavy time and money and trained like our National Juniors. They may not even be able to see suspect games as their level is around club level and not at the level where they are able to do so.

And so they assume that Fide also cannot see suspect games just like themselves. And Jimmy and Peter is able to ask them to get angry with Fide. Just like they ask them to get angry with the Juniors and other strong players who want a shot at selection for the senior squad after they have invested in expensive lessons and playing overseas for Malaysia on their own dime. You see, in Malaysia, at the Age group and Junior level the parents pay. At the senior level the sponsors pay.

This is not the situation overseas. Overseas the Federations help their Juniors get sponsors. Overseas they think of this concept which in Malay is described as "berlapis". In Malaysia the seniors have been playing for Malaysia without challenge for donkey years. If challenged they attack the Juniors and anyone else who dares to try to protect them. In Malaysia we find that we only support the age groups in terms of organising International Tournaments for them but the parents pay for everything. Then at the Junior level we only send one out at a time so they may be destroyed by our overseas competitor.

And still it is the parents that pays for that too.

And then the seniors remain to get their free holidays without selection although they may not be able to play chess anymore. How? Even if you stop for one year as we have found, others will overtake. That is the game of chess. What happens when you have not played for 20 years in Open Tournaments or Selection? But still they refuse to give others a chance.

And so the suspect games and suspect tournaments come out together with their PR campaigns. And they rely on many people's ignorance to continue playing for Malaysia without selection.

So maybe, just maybe, there are people in Fide who can see this and the licensing is one way not to let this get out of control and destroy chess in whole Countries. Some of us know that there have been Countries in the past that sold Fide ratings and were punished by Fide. How is this different? So maybe this is just another way for Fide to police the situation.

Maybe in Fide, they take action when there are genuine complaints in distinct contrast to MCF who uses their authority to support the gangster type behaviour of attacking the training of Juniors by a GM, of attacking the players when they dare to train for a selection etc etc etc.

Just maybe yes? If we can understand the context.

Authority is given to the police to catch the criminals. And not for the criminals to use the police to attack innocent people who are just doing their own work according to the law. So how do we know that Fide is not exercising their authority legitimately? On the word of Peter, who follows and respects no laws? Who can ban without any legitimate grounds? Context.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

So what are the snake medicine sellers selling us?

We know Jimmy is against our Juniors learning from a real GM and we know that if anyone actually dares to train and fight for their rightful place in a selection for the senior squad then they will be punished. We also know that they need to keep promoting a new "wonder kid" that hasn't reached the age of 15yo yet in order to stay relevant.

And we know that they have support from within MCF from the way all those that actually played in the selection for the Olympiads did not get to go. Note: Li Tian got in under President's choice.

So that has knocked out anyone above 15yo apart from the back street boys. When the Juniors do actually reach the maturity and understanding of the game to pose a challenge to the next level ie the senior squad, they are knocked out. At best they are given a token place if they do not fight as their reward.

So what is it that the snake medicine sellers are really selling us? They don't want us to do it the correct way. Actually the clues are here if we look closer. Here. Why are they so desperate to knock out a "weak" player? Here.

After all they have all the odds. Just between Jimmy and Peter they have at least 60 years head start to my 2 as they say. If they bring in mighty Mok, they will have close to or over a 100 years to my 2. And they have the support of MCF to fix the selection for them as well as maybe a couple of suspect arbiters. So why the desperate need to attack the young boys as they have been doing? If I had odds like that, I will just keep quiet and bungkus the young boys in tournament and nobody will ever hear about them because they cannot play chess.

So that is the burning question we want to look at today.

Now if the suspect games of Li Tian is really suspect and even the Fide Secretary thinks so then what do we have? Did you pick up the clues from the link above? Why did IM Goh get into the fray? He messaged me on facebook and had a long debate with me. He then asked to keep our conversation private as he does not believe in publicly airing his views. Then why the change of mind? After his public comment I am no longer obliged to keep our conversations private.

If we look carefully at the supporters of Jimmy and Peter, we will find that they are primarily beneficiaries of what they are really selling. So you will find the beneficiaries of the back doors, the beneficiaries of the side business of building fat numbers. You will also find parents hoping their child will be the next "wonder boy" if they ask really nicely. And you will find parents who are just taken in by the con or intimidated by the venomous attacks on their children if they don't comply to Peter's and Jimmy's demands.

Note: In the confusion the parents cannot see that the child must be below 15 and must play at least decent chess at age group level. Or it will be too difficult to package. Read this again. Here. They also fail to see that the real game is not about the "wonder boy". They have no real solutions there. Also how many "wonder boys" can they promote at any one time and still keep their own back door places? 

The "wonder boy" is only there to divert our attention from seeing their real agenda of preventing the really strong Juniors from challenging their places on the senior squad and also maybe for this reason....

If all the above are reasonable premises then I think the implications must lead to this situation. Lets see if the suspect games specialists go to any one tournament. If they are all there, what do you think can happen? Can there now be a new business selling norms?

So this is the speculation and I have presented you with what I have observed for you to evaluate for yourself if what I say carries water or not? In the meantime, all our really strong chess players are knocked out.

A parent said this to me this at NAG. He said if Peter succeeds, assuming I am correct, then at least we will have our first GM. Well, maybe. I suppose some may look at it this way. I look at it another way. Now why would we want a GM that we cannot display? One that cannot play in a real tournament? Look at Jimmy and Peter. They have both signed up for Open Tournaments and then pulled out at the last moment. They can only appear in select rapids, Veterans and Team events. Do we really want our own GM like that too? Looks like, sounds like, roars like a GM but actually a pussy cat.

So this is the question we must all ask ourselves as Peter is making a play to take over MCF. Will we want to pay the real costs of sabotaging ALL the players that can actually play chess so that Peter's and Jimmy's dream will come true at last? If they succeed, then doesn't it in one swoop nullify all the investments of time and money that the parents have put in to teach their children real chess by real Masters? Assuming again I am right of course.

Lets us all focus our attention on the coming KL masters. We may see the coming of our first GM norm, snake medicine style, the next dance craze after chinseng style.

Do think about it.

Happy CNY to all my Chinese readers.

ps: Could this be why Fide now wants to license players? Here. Maybe there is just too much "fixing" going on. I am not worried about it. Now why would Jimmy and Peter jump up and down? I don't know. I don't play chess. What do you think Ilham? Maybe you can throw some light on this.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What did we learn from these tournaments?

Ref: Here.

I think the most revealing incidences revolved around the SEA games 2011 training at my home. Very briefly, Zhuo Ren and Sumant attended the training. With Zhuo Ren that was his first time with us and he was still doubtful of what I was offering and he was very quickly forced to write a public email attacking me. The reasons he did so, as was later reported back to me, is that he was offered a deal to go to SEA games outside of selection. That didn't happen as there was too much publicity around the event but he was subsequently given a place to the Olympiads.

As for Sumant, he won his place by beating Mok and then getting a draw with Yee Weng from a slightly winning position.

Now this is a historic event in many ways. The first thing being that a Junior won his place on the senior squad that was not given to him but earned through knowledge and skill and fighting in a tough tournament with the application of correct strategy. To me this resoundingly shows that the top Juniors are but a very short step to replacing some of the seniors. It was also historic to see, at least for me, the unprecedented public attack on Sumant after his win till he too finally recanted and denied that he learnt anything from the FGM training after stoically defending me and training with us for over 2 years.

Well and good. Was I angry about it? Yes, initially. But when I thought further about it, how can it be the Junior's fault? What kind of pressure were they under? And I realised that it is the adults who needs to do something about this. How can it be the Junior's fault when this is the culture that we have created for them. And with the collusion of certain officials too. So what chance do they really have against such onslaught?

Why did Jimmy and friends orchestrate such an attack? He didn't even allow a training by a GM for the Juniors going to Asean in 2010. So what is the real game?

Lets go back to the Olympiads to see if we can get more clues. Who did well there? Yes, Mok and Zhuo Ren. Yee Weng did ok but Jimmy and Li Tian both bombed big time. Please note Zhuo Ren again proving my point that the top Juniors are very close if there is a selection and if they are confident and we do not allow them to be intimidated the way they have been.

But then suddenly we are told that there is a young boy that is stronger than all the other Juniors. But when we look at his real knowledge and skills, we find that he is very very far behind the very top Juniors. But he has a very big number, much bigger than all the rest and some of his games are suspect.

So let us go to the World Youth where Roshan was coached by Peter. How did he do there? U16, World level. Peter predicted 50 something giving himself a big margin for error and Roshan came in 70 plus.

This is what I think. Actually we were with Roshan at the Asian Youth the year before. And from what we knew at the time of his skill and knowledge level, I felt that actually Peter's knowledge has reached a cap. At even the U16 at Asian level, Peter had nothing to offer, let alone at World level. But I kept it to myself at the time.

But I started to think deeper into what is really going on. And this is my view now. Both Jimmy and Peter needs to promote a young 13 yo because that is the only way to stay relevant. Peter can shout about how Li Tian has a lot more to learn and Jimmy can divert attention from the fact he cannot play anymore.

If Sumant's achievement and Zhuo Ren's skills and knowledge were given their due recognition, then there cannot be automatic entry into the Olympiads. You see, even by now, Sumant and Zhuo Ren can run rings around Peter and probably Jimmy. Those guys do not have the knowledge or temperament to match those top Juniors or just ex Junior in Zhuo Ren's case.

And if you take into account, Edward Lee, Ronnie Lim, Nicholas Chan etc, then it becomes very obvious that Jimmy's place at the Olympiad was the biggest fraud perpetuated against the Malaysian chess public. And if we also see that Peter only has a fraction of Jimmy's knowledge, then we will see why he can only do what he does.

So how do we prove what I said? Ask Jimmy and Peter to play at National Close this year. Among all the seniors these are the 2 weakest and most toxic and we would do well by exposing their bluff.

And so all the attention is now with Li Tian. Do you think Zhuo Ren will get another private invitation again? How many places are there on the senior squad? And what about Sumant? Didn't he prove something to all of us at SEA games selection? Why didn't we acknowledge his achievement? Doesn't he deserve another chance to prove himself?

So actually who attacked whom Chin Seng? Is it not true that many strong chess players have been sidelined and sabotaged to make way for your son, who has not won even a Junior Tournament? Not even top 6.

All I have asked for is a level playing field. Let the Tournament decide. Now you guys are attacking Mark again and again. Why don't you just prove that he is a weak player as you claim by soundly beating him in a tournament with your own players instead of attacking him psychologically on the blogs like you did to Zhuo Ren and Sumant.

What are you guys so afraid of that you need to ban without grounds. Isn't that cheating? Isn't taking the place of Nicholas Chan and Ronnie Lim cheating? Isn't taking away the places of Eng Chiam and Syazwan cheating? Isn't the back door cheating?

If you really have the skills and knowledge, you will just play in a selection and show us all in Malaysia what Ferrari's you guys really are. There is no need to hammer our players on the blogs and threatening to ban them without grounds. Those are the ways of gangsters. And we do not welcome gangsters in Malaysian Chess. Ref: Here.

Let the board decide who is strong and who is weak. But you already know don't you? If all of those guys come to play by putting out the selection criteria for SEA games early. And proper criteria mind you, then you guys will be history. There are so many players in Malaysia that will bungkus you and then send you home that you won't dare to come.

So here is the challenge, I will even pay for Peter's entry fee for National Close if he writes in to me. In fact I will even consider sponsoring both Jimmy and Peter's entry fees if you guys write in and ask nicely. And if you guys can do well at National Close, I will close down this blog and publicly say that I know nothing about chess. Deal?

I am giving you early notice so you guys can train for the event. I believe in open and fair selection. If you write in and requests any specific game of Mark's I will also consider sending it to you in case you don't have enough information from the last National Junior. Is that fair or do you need more edge? If so please publish the conditions that you think will be fair to you and I will also consider that too. Jimmy's blog will do. It will reach me. You don't need to ban without grounds. Tell me. What other edge do you need so you will feel confident enough to come and play chess? Choice of arbiter?

I think we need to stop you guys from systematically destroying all the strong players in Malaysia just to protect your selfish interests.

And the funny thing is they cannot develop Li Tian can they with their limited and outdated knowledge? What have they done to him? With his fat numbers and suspect games he can now only play certain tournaments where he can be "protected". And when he is no longer that young and innocent boy anymore, they will just find another "wonder boy". Isn't that what they have done for years and years? Didn't we last see this with Eng Chiam? And in the meantime they have demotivated the entire Country of real players and kept the deadwoods in the senior squad.

That is the real game isn't it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Humility Chinseng Style.

Ref: Here.

Maybe this will be the latest dance craze. Who knows?

But I am a little confused here Chin Seng. I always thought that humility is when someone refuses acknowledgement or reward for some good work that they have done. So how does it work? I would have thought humility would mean that you would refuse taking the slot to the Olympiad saying, "Li Tian does not deserve the place. It belongs to Eng Chiam and Syazwan. I don't know how Li Tian even got number 4 after 3 losses but then who knows how results are gotten by arbiters".

Before your comments I would have wrongly thought that it was in fact extreme arrogance and selfishness to take from someone something that does not belong to you or deserve. But I must be mistaken. After all I don't "play chess". So this is the new dance, humility chinseng style.

So help me out here. You see for me I do not take anything I or my son did not earn or deserve. And so I will support the arbiter that rules correctly and fairly even if it is against my own son. But I will also acknowledge any achievement he has accomplished. So if he achieved number 2, I will acknowledge that. But I will never take even one crumb more although I have taken less. Does that make me proud? Or does that make me a fool?

I am so confused about this humility thing now that you have used that word so many times. I too want my son to be a strong player and also be humble. So how do I do it Chin Seng? Show me the dance steps. My confusion lies here. If I tell him to accept all the rubbish that Jimmy, Peter and you are saying, then I will be worried that he will grow up to be a door mat in a tough world. That others will now be able to take anything away from him as they want in the future since I have taught him that it is ok to allow them to do so.

So how to be humble and a strong player? See my problem? Is it left leg first and right hand over left or the other way around.

You speak like an expert on the topic. You even look and sound humble in person. So please tell us all here Chin Seng. I think all Malaysian parents want their children to be strong players too and still be humble. Please tell us the secret and we will all join you in the dance. Is that humble enough for you?

Benchmarking and the snake medicine seller- Part 2.

Part 1. Here.

To put it very bluntly, I find that after benchmarking their knowledge and skill sets, the top Juniors and some of the recently ex Juniors surpasses Li Tian by a very significant amount. The very top Juniors are actually very close to the standards of our local IM's.

So what is going on? Let me give you 2 analogies here. One is from chess.

Now this is what we teach our very young players. In a classical game do not play blitz. How is this pertinent? Now if we tell them that they are all washed out by 15yo, what do you think will happen to them at say age 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 etc. Is the tape in their mind now something like this? Oh my God, I am running out of time. I need to rush this. Are there any shortcuts? Artificially induced anxieties after anxieties. And try to hazard a guess here what the snake medicine seller would now sell to them or their parents.

Actually they have loads of time don't they? Ask IM Goh. What is his age? Is he still trying for his last GM norm? Does he still believe he can or does he believe he was all washed out by 15? If that is the case, then why is he still trying? Or is he?

This is the second analogy. Imagine a greyhound race. There is an electrified rabbit on the side that they all chase. Unknown to the greyhounds, of course, or there wouldn't be a race, the rabbit cannot be caught. It is fixed. And so the greyhounds will run their hearts out chasing this rabbit. And they think they have only up to 15yo to do it. And then they all get punctured.

But hey, why worry? We still have the old greyhounds haven't we? Maybe they haven't run a race in years and years, but so what.

And so the young greyhounds, ie our top Juniors have been knocked out of the race and branded as failures, and the old greyhounds are getting older. And so they shout on the sidelines. Those young greyhounds don't know a thing about chess.

And this goes on for generation after generation of the greyhound race. Or they get banned.

And all the rest of us are so distracted by the rabbit that we don't notice this. The one with the fat numbers but without the knowledge or the skills. And so we forget about the young greyhounds. They are only given one spot to play in International Junior Tournaments, if any, in any one year. They go out alone to be hammered by the young greyhounds overseas who fight in packs and guided by competent experts.

But at least the old greyhounds get to go to SEA games for 2013 right? It's just a free holiday. And we will all shout Malaysia Boleh here till we are hoarse. But deep inside we all know that the old greyhounds cannot run anymore? And the rabbit is the rabbit. The rabbit cannot even play in Malaysia anymore for if he appears in National Close or National Juniors and not win after all that fanfare, the young greyhounds will now know they have all been conned. The rabbit is the rabbit.

I hope you liked the story. But of course what I say cannot be true. The old greyhounds will go to National Close and show us all that they are still Ferrari's and the rabbit will go to National Juniors and hammer the field and show us all that he is indeed the strongest Junior in Malaysia. And I will be so embarrassed that I told this story because Jimmy and Peter will have a field day rubbing it in my face. Only this time I will know that what they say is true. I just don't know anything about chess.

And then I will close down this blog.

But think about the story anyway before I have close down this blog from embarrassment. At least I have entertained you for a few minutes no? For if this story is true then they have a lot to answer for, don't you think?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Benchmarking and the snake medicine seller.

Ref: Here.

Actually the debate on Jimmy's site is very interesting and revealing if you can stomach the venom spewed there.

So let us examine the points raised there slowly here. For today lets look at their assertion that you are all washed out by 15yo if you are not a GM and my assertion that the realistic age for Malaysians is in the late 20's. This change of perspective changes many many things. Lets see.

Now one of the things all the top Juniors do is to benchmark themselves against their top rivals. This is normal and part of the learning process as we shall see. So for years we benchmarked against Sumant, Zhuo Ren, Edward Lee, Evan Capel, Nabil, Syakir, Eng Chiam etc. And they did the same to us. Please note. This does not make them enemies, in fact this makes them very good friends for this simple reason. When we benchmark we are able to train specifically. And when we do the training to narrow the gap we find new found respect for each other. We start to see how much work and thinking our competitor has put in.

The key word here is mutual respect.

And of course all National Junior parents hire experts to tutor their child. I have engaged a top and actively playing GM to teach my son online and I have engaged an IM who trained the Ukranian Youth team; one of the top teams in the world. But no, we do not use the NM's here or our local, out of date and scared FM's or IM's.

NB: But remember this factor also. Our target time is around late 20's. This is in order for us to manage the many other priorities of the young Junior's life. 

So that is us and there is them who wants to do it all by 15yo. No problems there. To each their own. We have our technical experts and they have theirs. We have our targets and they have theirs.

But then this happens. When we are benchmarking we see that the level of skills of our top Juniors are actually very close to the level of our IM's here. A short leap with the right training and they will be there. We learnt this from our experience earned during SEA games training for selection.

Now we are then told there is a very young protege at age 13. Wow. So of course we now want to benchmark against him too. What manner of skill and magic does he have and what can we learn from him? The emphasis is to LEARN.

And then we see this game. Ref: Here.

Lets go and analyse that game. Did Li Tian play well? My answer is yes, he did. Is he strong? Yes he is. Around what level? Give or take around the level of the other top Juniors. What Li Tian has is very strong drawing weapons. And so he will do well against high rated players who wants to win and underestimate him. Well and good. He has a good strategy there. But he also has big problems when he plays a field with players near his strength that is content to draw with him. So he is not complete. What the other Juniors have is that they can beat weaker players but have difficulty drawing or beating stronger players. So each only have a part of the total solution. And so we just need to continue to benchmark and learn; to continue to narrow the gaps and to develop new strategies (which incidentally, is what I do).

So what was wrong with the game above you now ask me? Now Barbosa is a super GM. Rated at 2600 at the time. And after this game with Li Tian went on to win the Asian Masters. So the real question is why is Barbosa playing at around NAG lower age group level?

Now if you remember, the hype around Li Tian started before he went to Brunei. I don't know about you but it sounds a little off to me.

Since we collect model games to analyse, we have been continuing to follow Li Tian and other rising players game even when we do not have the time to train like during STPM. This is just so we know how much the other Juniors have moved during that time. After all, we are not in a mad rush.

Then we saw this game. Here.

Again it doesn't make sense. Forget about Li Tian's Fide rating. It's a ruse. Here in Malaysia the numbers can be cooked. It's just an illusion. Look at the games. Look at their skill level and knowledge. Look at Barbosa and then look at Gomez. Li Tian played well. Around the level of the current Juniors. But I think some Juniors are even better than him overall. Why indeed are those GM's playing Junior level chess? So the "fix" did not happen on Li Tian's side of the game.

Now I hope you have been given a more objective evaluation of the current situation.

Lets us continue with the evaluation later and then I will answer all the questions and issues raised on Jimmy's site. And then we will see their real game. I think we have plenty to chew on for today. All my best to Malaysian chess.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

NAG- A FGM commentary.

Nearly half the number. The big upsurge was in 2011 directly after the very first written selection for NAG came out. And FGM had a small hand in it by publishing the criteria on this blog from a private email after a long struggle to get it from MCF.

I wonder if MCF is taking into account the motivation of parents in the way it is managing its affairs. This is my view. When parents first start to invest in chess we do so with the belief, perhaps unconsciously at first, that our children will be able to go as far as they can if they have the skills and acumen for the game.

So if the perception becomes that they will be banned if they prove to be strong, that they will be publicly vilified and attacked to make way for someone who has not conclusively proven himself to be the best then this may become a disincentive for parents to continue to invest in the game.

If they also see that all manner of tricks is used to protect jaded seniors who cannot even play chess anymore and is too afraid to enter the arena but just shout all kinds of abuses from the sidelines, and still want to represent Malaysia, this may become the final straw to leave the game. It will simply become an investment with no future.

But what do I know right? I do not "play chess". But I think I can understand this much. You need to motivate both the parents and the players for chess to thrive in Malaysia. And this is best done by having open and clean selection. Let the competition decide. I have said this time and time again.

So how did they manage to twist this into me wanting a back door for Mark? (The only explanation I can come up with is that they are saying that Mark would win if there was a clean and open selection. If that is the case then, while I thank them for the back handed compliment, I personally think we still have quite a way to go in improving our chess.)

I thanked the arbiter who spotted Marks first and only infringement of the rules of chess in all his years of competition.

Yes, I do admit that I am more lenient with the Juniors. Any Junior. I think the job of parents and officials is to teach them honesty in a very high pressure and intense game. I am only in favour of more severe punishment for habitual offenders. And more so if they are adults.

Even more than that I believe that it takes strength to admit to your mistakes and then resolve to better yourself. It is very easy to try to hide your mistakes. But if you do that then you have only just begun to stop learning.

I hope that the powers that be in chess will consider what I have said as an explanation for the much smaller numbers this year. I honestly believe that the above conditions I mentioned ie open and fair selection will lead to the culture that will bring healthy participation as well as our very own first GM.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My reply to comments on Jimmy's blog.

Ref: Here.

I think the comment raised by the parent on Jimmy's blog has a very strong point and as such I did not see the need for him to apologise. The fact is my blog is not on the Malaysian chess portal. And so there is no reason for Li Tian to visit my blog at all. The people who do visit my blog are looking for the answers as to why Malaysia is stagnating in the world of chess. So unless Peter himself brought it up to Li Tian, I don't see how Li Tian would know about it.

As for Chin Seng's statement that I have been attacking Li Tian since he was 11, I would like for him to furnish the proof. In fact, if you compare what they have done to Zhuo Ren by forcing him to write that email and the very public and personal attacks on Sumant and Mark directly, I think you will find that there is a qualitative difference between what they do and what I say. I merely show what has been evaluated as suspect games and pairings for the chess public to see and make up their own minds. Take for instance the pairings at the Zonals. Li Tian played black 6 times. This can only happen if there are forced pairings. And usually even forced pairings are done with more finesse than this. To pair a player with an opponent one point higher than you when there are opponents 1/2 point away shows a kind of desperation. Ref: Here.

As to why Li Tian lost the last game and therefore NOT do better than the other Juniors present there, I ask my readers to just look at the time stamp of my post. Yes, I highlighted this anomaly just after the start of the round. And with the whole wide world watching I think a Li Tian win there may probably cause too many waves.

So in essence, I would say that I am reporting suspicious circumstances affecting all of chess generally and in particular the fraud being perpetuated against the entire Malaysian chess community. This is very very different from the personal attacks conducted by Jimmy and friends. I merely ask for an investigation into suspicious circumstances as is within my rights to do.

I trust you can see the difference.

In my next post I will tell you why I think this is happening and what could possibly be the end result. But as a teaser, I will say this now. Their methods will necessarily have to preclude playing in an open and fair selection or the cat will be out of the bag.

Thank you for your time in reading my blog and in trying to understand clearly what is happening. All my best and I hope that in understanding this issue, it will help us chart a course to take Malaysian chess to the next level.