Thursday, January 27, 2011

Convert the win and stop the noise.

How do we stop the noise and get down to work? I have had this discussion many times. I say if we do not solve the issues, it will become tomorrows noise again. I say if we can solve the tough problems, then other problems will appear minor. And I say this is the way to serenity, to unity, to progress.

If we allow them to divert the issue then this problem will never be solved. What is the current issue? Do the senior players have the right to continue to play for the Country without selection?

Let Ilham get to the bottom of the Asean affair. Let him speak to the players and parents who know the true picture.

We focus on the current issue.

Look at this email I got from an IT guy about the poll.

"The one by chess ninja and others that I've seen so far can be fixed.

Using browser tools which has the 'forget-I-was-here' feature I can
vote multiple times on anything easily.

The voting programs do not use IP to check for multiple votes but
instead saves session or cookie which can easily be deleted."

There are very few people against this issue. That is why they have to come in the many guises of anonymous and guests. One very easy way to get to the bottom of this is to ensure they leave their name when they comment. If we do this even in the shout boxes, you will see that there are very very very few of them.

But these few can poison many because they post many times creating an illusion of many. So maybe we can do this. Insist they leave a name or delete the post. That is if we want to get to their true number of course.

Can you think of anyone who doesnt want a proper selection? So we are winning on the board. Now convert. Do not let them swindle this win.

Do this and the noise will die down. Who is really for our chess to progress and who is against? You have to decide. What is the issue and where do you stand? Dont allow the distractions to work. Let Ilham get to the bottom of Asean. Ilham, go and read up. See what the accusations are. Then compare it to the truth.

For the rest of us. Decide which issue is for chess and which issue isnt. If you cannot make a decision, this problem will still be here next round. You still have not defeated the opponent because you have allowed him to trick you yet again. Learn to see past the illusions and the cheap tricks. Chess is claimed to be an intellectual sport. A thinking mans sport. If we cannot make a decision on this now we will still have this issue tomorrow. Lets not wait another 30 years again. Lets do something now. We have the numbers by a huge huge margin and the winning argument. Your move.

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