Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Notice to anonymous commentors

All future anonymous comments will be deleted from now. If you have a point to make then get a name. The same anonymous person is running around and attacking everyone left right and center. This is not proper or right. Reveal yourself and then have your say. However keep your comments civil and do not attack children. That is the lowest possible form of cowardice.

I will leave the other unsavoury comments to date as a reminder of the problem we face. This will not go away unless we say this type of behaviour is not acceptable. Attacking from the dark is not acceptable, attacking children and families is not acceptable. And until we as a community can take a stand on this, I'm afraid it will continue and we will not be able to turn our chess around.

This is important. See them for what they are. If they have courage they will say it in the open. Do this for the children.

Thank you.

I'll leave you with a thought.

I find one of the hardest thing in the world to do is to see oneself clearly. Beneath the layers of self deception.

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