Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Musings from KL

I met up with a few chess officials in KL and with a couple of them the conversation got to why Malaysia hasnt produced a GM yet. The reasons got pretty lengthy as to why we tidak boleh.

I cant help but think that in the corporate arena the people who dont believe in the project are removed. And one of the first things I taught Mark is that if you dont believe you can win, then dont play. It is akin to being defeated before you even start.

I am wondering if these officials have ever sat down and asked the question why they are in chess if they dont think that we can do it.

Mark told me that after playing the Asean Masters, Edward Lee said that he felt during the tournament that maybe the Indonesians are not that invulnerable afterall.

Have we deeply looked at our competitors withour fear? Maybe they are not that strong afterall. But if we really dont believe we can, then why are we still in chess? Is that why so much energy is spent looking for faults, excuses and so little towards finding solutions?

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