Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Crux- Self Sabotage

So we have the winning game, the winning number if we can stay focussed on the issue and we dont allow the cheap tricks to work. The issue is, let me repeat, should those players that have not played competitive chess for a long period still be allowed to represent the Country without a fight?

So how do we convert?

This is very very hard to argue against. We know chess is a competitive sport. We know that those that have lost the fire and do not fight will not do well. We also know that in the longer term that opportunity should be given to fighters even if they may be lower rated. And we know a selection will tell us who is who?

Actually this is so obvious that they must resort to cheap tricks. Otherwise how can that handful of people subvert so many?

But there is an even deeper problem. We always had the numbers but we just could never speak with one voice. We could never work together. For the mamak vs junior, questions have been brought up about FIDE rating etc. etc. See here.

We are building our own roadblocks. So dont blame anyone else. Look at ourselves. This is the issue. If both the mamak gang and the juniors fight it out in full public glare, what are we saying?

I think we are saying, yes, we can work together, yes, we are not scared to fight it out. That to me will be the biggest statement we can make. That will show this suggestion deserves support.

So this leads to one last hurdle. If we do fight it out will MCF recognise our fighting spirit and be moved to support selection?

That is a good question. We normally talk about MCF as a monolithic organisation. But in reality its not. In MCF there are also those that want change and those that do not. I saw this during the Asean initiative. One side supports, one side attacks and sometimes even the one that supports can attack when scared or pressured. That is the reality.

So what can we do? All that work and then no results? I dont think so. I think as we move along more people will be convinced. Deep down we all want to be proud of our players. We all want to see a fighting Malaysia. We want to bask in their glory and rightly too for we helped shape the culture.

So do this. Stop putting up the roadblocks. We are many and they are few. Dont let the lunatics take over the asylum. We can do this.


  1. you are missing a point here. In chess unlike football, age is not a liability. What makes the "senior" (from wut i supposed in chess seniors are top players who are country represensatives) stagnant is their commitment to jobs. It is true that they might have lost the ambition to achieve greater heights but it is not their fault that they remain one of the country tops. They still want to win trophies, titles and also the will to wave the national flag. It is not fair for you to judge them. The juniors (those wanting to become part of seniors) have themselves to blame. They did not progress into lets just say 2200 barrier, and have not been consistently winning local tournaments. The idea of representing a country depends on how good you are, not how "semangat" you are. Even our Police Champion is so semangat to always lead us to shout Malaysia Boleh, doesnt he deserve a free trip? If the juniors want to become seniors, it is their will to improve against higher rated players and not only against our top local players. It is easier to prepare against an opponent, studying his games, but in international, you wont know the opponent playing style. Look at the results from ASEAN Age Group, we used to have champions in U-20 U-16 U-14 and where do our juniors stand now.

  2. Actually I am not siding anyone or against anyone. Remember how this started. Mal/Sing was won by the juniors. An idea was discussed on the train which I then wrote about. I think the selection criteria rightly belongs to MCF. They have the Authority and the responsibility. I am merely saying that there should be no automatic selection. And the idea has now included even the seniors that have no chance to play for the Country because of this automatic selection. Of course some the elite seniors have chosen their profession over chess. They have made their choice and after careful consideration I'm sure. But this should not allow them for automatic selection. Someone else may have paid the price in the meantime. So all I am saying is have a selection to give all deserving players a chance. Many have side stepped what happened at the Olympiads. Is there any truth to the fact that Greg was forced to play because someone wanted to sell books and someone else wanted make business contacts. If that story is true dont you think that is worrying? I think a selection would be good for all. Even the elite seniors will have to take it seriously then. No automatic selection will keep every sharp. Leave the selection criteria to MCF. If we interfere and then no results then what? They have the post. It's their job. But dont you think I have the right to suggest for a better selection criteria? Or do you think I should be gagged? The details are up to MCF if they take the suggestion of course. As members of the chess community are we allowed to suggest without being shouted down or slandered against?

    You are right. Our chess is in a poor state. Would my suggestion help or hinder? That you have to decide. That MCF has to decide. But I defend my right to make a suggestion as well as the right of every other parent or player.

  3. I am equally critical of parents that suggest the mamak vs juniors must come with guarantees of eligibility for selection as I am critical of players who feel they have a right to an automatic place and then not fight their best. Dont we want the same thing? Some guy even suggested that I am doing this to make sure Mark is included. That is so ridiculous. All I want is a fair chance for him as well as for any deserving other. I am not in the selection committee nor do I want to be. I have never interfered in the selection of players. Mark was only fielded once in Mal/Sing. Of course I didnt like it. But I still supported the strategy dictated by Greg. He was in the drivers seat. Go and read about what happened there. It's all on this blog.