Monday, January 24, 2011

The problem with camps.

I have always resisted being in a camp. Too many problems. I will support a good idea no matter where or who it comes from. Some people say that I am not tolerant of other peoples ideas. That I am stubborn. Look at the evidence.

Yes, I do not support ungrounded ideas based on flawed reasoning. I rely on my own judgement. Lets see if there is any basis to this stand.

When we look at a chess game and have a review after the match, you will see many people giving different opinions to solutions. Even if you get 2 GM's they will have different opinions. The game of chess is about different opinions.

So what happens if you cannot make up your own mind? Abdooss says in the comments below that he supports both Jimmy and me. Actually I have come across this type of thinking before. In the PICA elections when I stood for Presidency, a friend told me that he supports both me and Dr Yee and if it was acceptable that he casts 2 votes. One for Yee and one for me. That is fine since he will always be a fence sitter. I lost by 2 votes since Chan was fielded instead of Yee.

But let us look deeper. When we play chess, there are many camps in our minds. One saying this and the other saying something else. What happens to our chess if we cannot make up our own minds. Forget about me. To improve your chess you must learn to make your own decisions, to rely on your own judgement. That is all I am saying.

Focus on the issue not the personalities. If you made the wrong decision, dont worry about it. Find out what you missed out in your consideration and improve on it for next time. The chatter (camps) will reduce.


  1. R,
    what I meant is:
    Jimmy represents the old; tradition and experience that we cannot let go; history, the good and bad of it, that formed what we are today.
    You are the new; modern and daring approach to achieve what the old failed to reach.
    We need both; forsake any side and we would lose our identity.

  2. My point is see past the old and new, see past Raymond Siew and IM Jimmy Liew. Look deeply at the issue and then decide for yourself which idea will take us further. And then hold to that conviction unless new evidence tells otherwise.