Monday, January 24, 2011

Silence met Silence by Charlie Chan

Once a buddhist monk came to visit Baba Muktananda in California accompanied by a few disciples
the monk enjoyed expressing himself in Quoan like speech; Baba very happily matched the monk's style
what began as a gentle duel of words on the part of the monk ended up as a meaningful teaching for all gathered there

the monk began by asking Baba "what is the shape of the Self?
Baba replied the form of the Self is formless, it is also of the form of Supreme Light
the monk leaned forward and countered "if the Self is formless as the void, how can there be such a thing as the Supreme Light?
Baba answered "the Self is beyond the Void, the Self illumines the Void; the Void cannot know anything and cannot do anything while the Self knows everything and can do everything"

"well" the monk retorted "if it is really true that the Self can do everything .....then speak without words"
....not skipping a beat Baba said "if you want me to speak without words then you must hear without ears"

Baba continued "if you want to know the truth beyond words then you must go beyond your ears..... and experience the supreme silence within."
Baba went on: "the scripture say speaking about the experience of the Self is like a mute person trying to describe the taste of is only through silence itself .......silence can be taught and experienced."
and then Baba looked at the monk intently and said "when you become supremely silent you will know it"

now the monk with great sincerity asked "show me that Self of which you speak"
Baba leaned forward and smiled " it is really very simple are a manifestation of the Self... you yourself are a manifestation of the Self .... you can know that just like that."
when Baba uttered "that" he snap his fingers and said "everything else is just a play of words"

the monk and Baba embraced each other ... in that moment...

Silence met Silence

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