Monday, January 17, 2011

The power of belief

I wrote a while back that it is what we believe rather than what we say that dictates our actions and interactions.

If we had believed that we can beat Singapore, we would have had a better training session of chess instead of playing Chor Tai Ti.

If we dont believe deep down inside that we can, we will find a way to self sabotage. And even now that we have won there are still those that try to belittle that achievement. Why? To justify their belief that we can't.

And that is why the Captain of the team is so important. He personifies that belief. When he fights he sets an example for the rest. In a team event every little thing counts. Even if one player loses to an opponent in one round, the fact that he put up a fight may tire his opponent enough for our next player to win.

It is important that the seniors show that example when they play for the Country. All this dancing around, accusations, excuses, will not change what we know deep down inside. Do you still believe?

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