Sunday, January 16, 2011

Further musings while having Sunday coffee

Now that we have most of the poisonous snakes out of the woodwork, would it be a good thing to see if they can be tracked down from their Ip addresses so that we know who they are? Or would it be a waste of time?

I know we have lost sponsors because of these "enemies" from within. I believe many will stay away from chess and many have left chess when they see these products from our chess culture at work. I definitely know they are a terrible example for the juniors and the kids.

Clean up chess once and for all so our kids dont have to live in a culture of fear and can be taught to express themselves reasonably and confidently. These people only have courage when they can hide in the dark. Can they play good chess in the light of day? Or will their thinking show through in the decisions they make on the board? Have they any real value?

What do you think?

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