Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kudos to Najib

It is good to see the example set by Najib. After complaints about the tie break used for the recently held 17chessclub tournament he immediately took note of the merit of the case and made improvements for the tie break of the renegade tournament on the 30th of Jan.

If we can keep this up, this augurs well for our new future. Lets continue to improve one step at a time. Then truly Malaysia Boleh.

ps: We'll be attending the 30th too. See you there.


  1. Don't forget to thank IM Jimmy Liew who spotted the discrepancy and highlighted it.

    Without Jimmy, nobody would have known about it and we would have just gone on our merry way ignorant about the erroneous tie break used.

  2. Also note that Najib has to maintain a high degree of integrity now that he has taken over DATCC and arbitering is one of his core function. It's a matter of protecting his professionalism and he had to respond to "complaints about the tiebreak". Not doing so is akin to performing harakiri.

  3. I have taken note of Jimmy's contribution to the technical point. I think he may have found a good role for himself here. I hope he continues to contribute in that manner.

    As for Najib, lets give credit where credit is due. There are many examples where all the evidence have been presented and still there is stiff resistance to improvement. I do not think you should cast aspersions as to his intentions unless you are a mind reader too.