Sunday, January 23, 2011

Which is worse?

I have heard an interesting array of opinions. Some say Rationality is by far the worst. I am wondering. Rationality and Chess Ninja both hide under a veil of anonymity showing fear that they may be wrong. They dont have conviction.

On the other hand Jimmy uses his IM title to promote and protect what they say. He doesnt say anything slanderous himself. He starts the ball rolling by first distorting a statement and then the rabid hate blogs take over. The anonymous shouts happen in the shout boxes. So we all start shadow boxing.

But hey, there is one in the forefront. He is not scared. He relies on that IM title to protect him.

Which is worse? The one who hides in the dark from fear or the one who is in the open protecting an illusory right of the elite players to continue playing for the Country long after they have ceased to be competitive.

Who is strategising to prevent a competitive environment to help our juniors reach even greater heights? Maybe even beyond IM. Personally I think Mok and Mas still have a shot. But they musnt give up fighting and hide behind an ivory tower.

They need to stay sharp too and I do wish they will also give something back by playing the local circuits and giving our juniors a good fight here. Even for the seniors that cannot go overseas. There is a multiplier effect if this is done.

I dont know why Jimmy is against the idea of healthier competition but I dont think his ideas will work. I think the evidence has already shown this if we care to look.


  1. R,
    Remember during the start of this blog that I was one of your supporters? I still am.
    I am also supporting Jimmy. The way I see it, both of you have a point. However, it will be a long time before people will appreciate what you are doing. Persevere, man! (And don't view all contrasting views as going against you)

    By the end of the day, at least you will learn to appreciate those detractors (Jimmy, Rationality & Chess Ninja) as reasons why you should persevere and work harder; to prove your detractors that you are right after all.

    Persevere and patience, man!

  2. I do think we need a place to test the ideas. So this goes beyond mere argument or debate. I state my views in full glare of the chess public. What we need now is a venue, a proper trial, to see which idea works better. After all we dont seem to have any better ideas. Do note there are no real counter proposals. Only name smearing and venomous attacks.

  3. slander slander slander

  4. R,
    Police reports and days, oh-long-trial-days, in court will waste your time & resources. You see why MCF never go to Court despite of what we heard? Because they had the counsel of the wise Malaysian Chess Godfather, Dato' Tan CN.

    Continue working hard, plan for future events and perform them superbly to silence your detractors.

  5. Agreed with abdooss. Action do speaks louder than words

  6. Abdooss, sometimes I despair for you. Where have I said that I was going to sue? The decision made was only to the point of getting the names. And even that I have said is not worth my time since Rationality has deleted his posts. I think that says alot if you think about it. I do not speak for MCF and neither should you. They are big boys and can think for themselves. Why dont you do the same for yourself instead of telling FGM what or what not to do? Read my next post and then think deeply for yourself.