Sunday, January 23, 2011

A sense of personal responsibility

Somebody said that asking the bloggers to delete the hate sites from their own roll is oppressive. I think it is an encouragement to have personal responsibility for the betterment of chess.

Do notice that I do not tell others to do what is against their conscience. To do what they think is wrong. What I do is to encourage them to have the moral conviction to do what they think is right despite their fears.

Go back to everything I have written so far. What have I said? I proposed that eligibility for International Tournaments should be by selection and not based on old ratings. Some have represented the Country after many years missing from competitive play. Does that sound right?

I am not looking at blaming anyone. I am just saying let us improve a faulty system.

I threatened a police report when FGM was slandered. There are a few parties that have a right to making that report since all their names were dragged in the mud. MCF, Air Asia and FGM since the accusation is about defrauding the Malaysian public over the Asean initiative.

The way to object to the youth vs the senior is to present your arguments. Personal attacks, distortions is not the way. Slander is not the way. Slander can only be dealt with by rule of law. What other options are there?

But since Rationality spent a lot of time deleting his slanderous posts, I personally feel my point is made. The deletion is an admission of guilt. Him writing to Jimmy for advice points to possible collusion. Jimmy writing back for them to write him is confirmation of collusion.

But just because I am satisfied doesnt mean others are.

So I feel if we can all act out of a sense of personal responsibility, we will become a stronger community. If we all continue to close one eye to what is going on we are just continuing the rot.

But I dont force, I dont shout and I dont harangue. I present my case and reasoning and then its up to you. Chess belongs to you. It will be whatever you individually have the courage to make it be.

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  1. R,
    Though it worked for you, this one-size-fits-all approach is not for everyone. We cannot force our values on everyone (though I agree with you points). The shoutbox allows people to speak their minds and vent their frustrations, among others. Some (or most) of them of course are simply ridiculous. What are you going to do? Make police reports all the time and sue them all?

    Come on man, you have better things to do than waste your precious time on them.

    If you do, maybe you can blame them when we can't get a GM for Malaysia. But are they that worthy? Which one is more worthy ; First GM or your detractors?