Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheap Tricks in Chess

Remember the question raised below. That is the issue. Now if you go to any tournament, speak to most players and parents, they will agree. So we have the winning argument. We are winning on the board. So now how?

Here comes the cheap tricks. First they distort the the point of the parents having heartache when they hear about the stories of what happened in the Olympiad. Of course the investigation should now be if the stories are true or not, isnt it?

Then they add a little slander. Go to the poll, its on chess ninja's blog. The poll is about whether I have a case to sue? Another misdirection. Who said sue? Go back to what I said. Now if the poll is about the point I raised which is who is Chess Ninja and who is Rationality? What do you think the outcome would now be? Do you want to know who they are? That was the issue.

So a few members have now fallen for the cheap tricks. Our numbers are whittled down. Remember the issue still is do we want players to represent the Country after a long time out of competitive play.

So they bring up the PICA issue. Let us distract even more people. The PICA issue has been brought before MCF. They are the highest Authority in Malaysian Chess. Would I bring it up to them if I have something to hide?

A few other minor cheap tricks were tried. I wont insult your intelligence by going through them all. You are chess players. You can work things out.

So who are these people? Why do they need to use this tactics? Why use threats and intimidation if they have the winning argument and the winning number? Think on this. Who would object to this case? Who is affected and what is their true number?

Now you are learning to see past the cheap tricks. If you can see past these ruses, I promise you will be a stronger chess player. You have the winning game. Now convert.

ps: I've just been told by an IT guy that the poll can be fixed. What a waste of time.

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