Sunday, January 9, 2011

Going away to KL

I will be leaving for KL in a few hours for a series of meetings to find that roadmap to the International Tournament in Perak. That means there will be reduced postings for the next few days. I would like to thank those that have spoken up in support of "the Juniors take on the Seniors for the rights to Olympiad". If this can come to being I believe it will be good for our future. That is a way to raise the standard of our front liners without incurring additional expense.

I believe we really need to stop shying away from real issues. If we tackle the problems one by one we can move forward. We have been spinning our wheels on the same spot for years and years now. One year becomes the next and we still have the same problems. Nothing gets resolved or solved.

I am told that Perak needs this event and I have also been reminded of what happened to the Commonwealth that was supposed to be held in Ipoh. So I go to KL upbeat but at the same time mindful of the problems that can emerge.

Do use this timeout to look back on the past postings. We have started the year well. If we can all pull together, with the momentum gained we can move to new ground.

All my best and have a good weekend. See you soon with good news.

Malaysia Boleh

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