Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Juniors- Opinions

Read Jimmy's views here.

I must concur with Jimmy here. It is too early to say that the older juniors mentioned and maybe a few more wont make IM or GM. I dont think they have been given a decent break. We should have sent a junior team with maybe an accompanying IM to the Olympiad last year. Something like what Singapore did.

I have to admit too that I dont really understand why Mark was only fielded once at the Mal/Singapore. The exposure would have been good for him. I didnt raise the issue in Singapore as that would have been disruptive. And I am not the only person saying this. On the way to Singapore some of the parents also said that we are not helping our Juniors enough and they were just as puzzled by the line up during the event.

I think it is time MCF stop trying to flog a dead horse with the seniors and invest in the Juniors who will have a much longer shelf life and hold greater promise. But only if we dont make the same mistakes we committed on the seniors when they were juniors too.


  1. I did not say the juniors mentioned are unable to make IM or GM. It was a rhetoric question and I hope you understand what a rhetoric question represents.

  2. I was talking to my readers Jimmy. Different context. I hope you can let go of your bitterness.

  3. Its not bitterness that is the problem. It is your mis-interpretation of what I write and this is not the first time.

    It is very obvious that you are referring to my sentence "Will we even get some IMs or GMs from any of them?" when you wrote "It is too early to say that the older juniors mentioned and maybe a few more wont make IM or GM."

  4. Actually it is the bitterness that is the problem. You continually look for faults which you will always find. Try looking for solutions.