Monday, January 3, 2011

Mal/Singapore- The lesson

There were some controversies over the line up. We had Greg as our strategist and Mok as our Captain. This is what I think. The strategist will need to have the deeper insights and see the bigger picture. He will have to consider factors that we as parents, coaches and players sometimes cannot see. And the Captain will need to hold the team together and help the players make good decisions over the tournament.

When we are in the midst of battle, it is not wise to second guess their decisions. Let them do their job and give them your support. If we do not trust them, then we should not have had them lead us in the first place.

Let the results speak for itself. We postmortem after the event and look for improvements. Nothing and nobody is ever perfect. One step at a time.

In the main, we had the correct leadership in Mal/Singapore. The results have shown this.

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