Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Understanding roles.

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The major problem in Malaysian chess is that there is no clarity of roles. So you find failing trainers trying to ban national players and making national policies, you find a washed out player attacking training for the juniors and then determining the senior squad without selection via back door dealings.

This can only happen because MCF is totally dysfunctional and seems to have no clue as to what it's role is supposed to be. And until we get that right, I submit that we will not have our own GM. What the chess community needs is a fair arbiter in MCF to redress the problems we face. But instead we find that it's the Secretary that is withholding the certs that certain winners have won in National tournaments, the one who is facilitating the back door deals etc.

So the entire structure of MCF is not doing what it is supposed to do but instead to get sponsors and money to fill mainly one person's pocket. So this latest offer to Fadli becomes an interesting case. Actually what can Greg offer? He obviously need many more votes to survive the AGM. Promises are free. We saw this even with the recent National Close. According to Najib the post of Chief Arbiter was promised to him but then given to someone else. So this is the trap isn't it? Instead of going around to build your business we find many sitting around and waiting for their "promised" deal.

And the same goes for the players. Instead of training hard and preparing for selection they are lead to believe that the deal is already done. And so you have taken the wind out of their sail.

There simply is not enough deals for MCF to dish out. Just too many waiting for favours. And this is bad for our chess. All are affected, organisers, trainers and players. What is the point of organising a proper event if you face sabotage from MCF itself? MCF is more likely to facilitate tournaments where "deals" can be done. What is the point of training if the selection is suspect or non existent? What is the point of playing strong chess if you see the weak fellas going in via the back door? And there are only a few places for players but many promises can be made.

Are you seeing the problem now? It's all an illusion. In fact MCF cannot even get good sponsors anymore. They can only get the occasional one offs. No sponsor with the type of funds that can make a difference will sponsor an organisation that cannot even produce one project account. Questions are asked. How did you spend the money from that last project? Did you represent Malaysia via a tough selection or via back door dealings?

Why indeed would any good sponsor part with their hard earned money to help an organisation that is not even helping its own members? Roles. MCF, you need to do your job. You need proper policies and guidelines.

ps: Don't start palming off our National Tournaments in your desperation to make more private money. That will really be the pits.

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