Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Would you prefer to be a Malaysian M or Ian?

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If my memory serves me right, Ian did not even have a Fide rating when he first came to Malaysia. His journey is interesting to me because I use him to track what can be achieved if you are not sabotaged by MCF. Just his own resolve and determination outside of MCF politics. Given the resources that have poured into MCF since Ian first came to our shores, we could have easily produced our own GM and very possibly more than one if we had direction and no abuse of power and/or abuse of our own players.

Now do you see what happens when we worship our losers, when we raise high on the pedestal those who are robbing our Associations blind, those that ban our players without grounds, those that fix matches etc.

That is the main reason why we do not have our own GM. We have people destroying our strong chess players from within. Them and their cronies/supporters.

And Ian doesn't even have an M in front of his name. But he soundly wacks our strutting M's when they have the guts to actually play. So how do you value the worth of a Malaysian M now?

Question. What do you think would have happened to him if he was Malaysian and doing as well as he is now? What would they have done if he was eligible for Malaysian sponsorship? Very honestly I think he deserves sponsorship because he is showing us the way. He is showing us something we need to learn about ourselves.

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