Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Message to trainers of our Juniors.

It is my strong opinion that once a trainer accepts the money to train any junior, whether they make it as a National Junior or not, it is their moral responsibility to fight for selection at the senior level. Every cent spent by the juniors is an expression of their hopes and dreams and when you accept that money you have also accepted the moral obligation to help them overcome any hurdles they may face. They pay you because they want to be better than a mere hobbyist.

Now any trainer or Coach worth their salt knows that ultimately the success of the juniors are in their own hands. It depends on the price they are willing to pay. What they are willing to sacrifice. But we also know that different players can or will mature at different times. But when they do decide it is time, they need to be given a chance to express their desire and the knowledge they have paid you to learn.

So removing selection takes away any hope and dashes their dreams. In fact if you look at the new COS Constitution of MCF, it is spelled out very clearly that there must be clean and fair selection. But it has always been implicit in the function of the Federation.

Some of you trainers are also in the Associations and will carry a vote at the upcoming AGM. Now whether you are also a senior or ex-senior, I think you need to examine whether it is justifiable for you to take their money knowing that they will never have the chance to use the skills they have paid for once they are over 20yo.

Do you tell them that when they come to pay you? When you ask for their money? That after 20yo they need to forget chess and learn how to deal for the back door for there is no selection? Or kow tow to Jimmy for a privileged entry before that? So you need to use your vote to bring in change or you don't really deserve to be a trainer or a coach. You belong in another profession.

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