Monday, October 29, 2012

Why MCF does not have the moral right to cancel selection.

Now if you read this again, here, it will give you an idea of how much parents pay for the development of the juniors. How much is put into the game in terms of energy, resources and time. This is not to mention the independent players who continue to pay to play in tournaments and train to improve.

And we know that after 20yo the juniors are just about ready to challenge for the senior places. Now all the times before 20yo, the parents pay. After 20yo, either the Country or historically a sponsor pays.

It is at this time that the betrayal is most obvious. Some of the seniors are also trainers. And they make good money from the juniors. They have no problems taking the money when the parents pay. It is a happy time for them. And MCF officials get their free trips too paid by parents, they also get their free Fide organiser courses paid again by parents, their sponsors and other players etc. The trainers get paid for the training. Happy happy for all.

You may think that if you use trainers who are also in the senior team, they may allow you entry. But is that the case? They do not allow you to win by competition, they only allow you to enter the senior team if you are not strong enough to beat them, if they can control you. Have we not seen that?

If you see how many times some of those seniors have hogged the senior squad, you will begin to see how many generation of juniors we have lost by this practice. Ilham has written something about how many times Jimmy have played at Olympiad etc if you can get to his site. Right now I think the site is infected by a virus.

Now on the other hand, MCF does nothing to develop our players. Just the opposite in fact. They sabotaged the training of our juniors going to Asean. There is a sponsor who sponsors the Olympiad for the seniors. A drop in the ocean compared to what the parents pay year in year out. But once the juniors have exceeded 20yo, they are of no more use to the seniors or MCF. And then they are systematically culled. By missing their names even if their Fide rating is higher, by withdrawing selection when they know the seniors cannot win anymore etc etc. Too many dirty tricks to quantify here.

So MCF has no justification to withdraw selection. Not after benefiting from the parents money. The sponsor cannot use his/her little drop of money to justify taking away the rights of those that have paid an ocean's worth. The seniors have no moral right for objecting to selection. They have earned from the juniors and if they are any damn good, the juniors should be trashing them by 20yo. Using their own words, if their players are not a GM by 15yo then they are worthless. But of course this only applies to those that have used that argument, stupid as it sounds.

ps: Personally I would never go to any of these trainers. If they don't believe in the juniors they are training, they are going to do more harmful than good. Plus they have already declared their position on selection. That tells you what their real agenda is. Look at what Peter is already saying about Roshan. What more can I say?

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