Thursday, October 25, 2012

The truth about PICA and Fitnah.

I have been accused of cheating PICA and taking public funds yet again on facebook and have been accused of fitnah by others earlier. So lets look at this issue again. I will be more direct this time as we have been rehashing this issue over and over again.

So lets look at the PICA issue first. It was from PICA that I got most of my experience on the dirty tricks that some officials in chess practice and why I am able to advice parents and others new to chess today.

When I joined PICA as an official in 2009, this was the situation. There were no strong sponsors for chess and the new committee wanted to bring in more activities. So 3 tournaments were planned and mine was the 3rd. At the full committee meeting I said that I would like to find new sponsors and that I would also like to try in KL as well as in Perak. I wasn't sure how much expenses this would involve so I asked in the meeting if I could use the fees collected to defray my costs. This was agreed. I further indemnified PICA and said that if my expenses exceeded the takings I will bear the cost. And that was what happened as you will see later. The fees collected was slightly over RM 1K.

My event was Syuen and that was a very difficult tournament to take off and the biggest in Perak up to that point in time. The sponsor was Tenby International. Why it was so difficult was that the SARS epidemic happened just before the event and many players pulled out. Finally I had to resort to calling players and parents one by one to get them to attend. And to compound the problem many of the committee members did not help. Even on the day of the tournament many that said they will help did not turn up. And finally the whole event was managed by volunteer students and arbiters from Unit Sukan that I paid out of the takings.

So now you can already see that there were not much left of the takings. But of course the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary came at the closing because I had also arranged the sponsorship of food in a private room. Incidentally the President of Penang Chess Association also graced the makan. So at the prize giving ceremony they were on the podium where they claim the event for themselves.

What else did I do during that time? I also met up with Adzlin, the wife of the current Deputy President of MCF who became a future sponsor. I also got the agreement of  Dato Tan to sponsor Perak via KLK and I got a meeting at DKLS which Dato Tan also attended who had RM 2 million worth of sponsorship and was keen to sponsor chess.

All this I did with "what was left of the takings" after paying arbiter and volunteer expenses to develop our sponsor network. If I had just added my phone bills there would have been nothing left. It's all on public record.

And so they asked for the accounts to be presented to the full committee. Nothing wrong there. I also requested that the other 2 accounts also be presented at the same time since mine was the 3rd event. Never mind. A meeting was arranged on the day the President knew I was in KL. I asked if the date can be changed for anytime I was in Ipoh. Afterall it was only for me to present my accounts as the other 2 was for the Presidents eye only. I was not allowed the postponement. The meeting was held and I was sacked without my defence being called.

I then wrote in and said that was unfair. I was not even given a chance to present or to defend. I then asked for the matter to be brought up at the next AGM as I wanted to clear my name. It was not brought up. In fact the next AGM itself was hush hush.

I then appealed to MCF and had many meetings with Greg in KL. Greg and Haslinda in Penang. This was difficult to arrange because I felt I needed witnesses. And so I had to make more arrangements to facilitate that.

Greg kept telling me that the matter had gone to Tan Sri as I did not have his contact then. And so I waited for a decision. It never came.

Now lets talk about Fitnah. False accusation. Now I am not a muslim but I have never cheated one cent from anyone in my many years in business. Every cent I made, I earned. I believe in justice and fair play. But this is what I see. I am a Saksi. This things happened to me and I go and make a report to the proper authorities. So I feel its like I go and report to the police that I have been robbed and then the robbers put me in jail.

I have made the reports and I still want my case heard. But they wont give me a hearing and they accuse me cheating. I think what they are practicing is fitnah. So for those that used those words against me I think you should ask your Ustaz or Ulamas what fitnah really means. There are other saksi's too. Ustaz Rahman was in PICA at that time but he may not know the full picture. But Zaki Mahmud, the PT of Perak was there throughout this event. I hope he will speak up to clear my name.

The fact is I was not allowed to present my accounts. But even if the accounts were allowed to be presented, it will be PICA that owes me. What do you think were my expenses over 2 months doing all those things and running the whole event almost single handed. Just add petrol and toll to the other sums for instance. I even had to use the resources of my own company to write the proposals. But PICA was indemnified from paying me. So why did they need to sack me like that? There were many other events that I conducted out of my own pocket. Go look up the history. But if they had allowed me to present and can still say I owe them money RM1K is not a big amount. That is why they do it this way. They had to hold the meeting when I am away. This way they can try to make me look guilty. Is that fitnah also?

If you look at my writings I only comment on available public information. If I talk about Jimmy I refer to his blog. That is also not fitnah. And I talk about my other experiences that I have witnessed first hand. Again I am saksi.

But maybe I can also share some psychological truths here. Those who's hand are dirty will never see this. They will never agree to a hearing because it will also expose them and also tie their hands so they cannot do what they do in the future. And so they must make white black. Fitnah again.

A question was asked on facebook. Why did PICA sack me? Actually there were no grounds given. All I know was that they wanted the accounts when I was not available. I asked for a meeting for the next weekend but that was denied.


  1. PICA and Fitnah (Slander) ; Use word slander lah.. Unless you are scared of getting sued.. and if you are really the victim, make a police report, dude! But you will never do it, right?!
    FYI, this is what happened when you make enemies more than you make friends.. maybe you are innocent, maybe not.. but because you didn't save others' 'face' in some other incidents, no one wanted you around anymore.. this is Asian culture.. having IQ alone is not enough, you need to develop EQ as well, , too bad you are too intelligent and too righteous to understand this… being right is good.. but being right AND tactless is just a pain in the a$$. But you know what? This comment will never get published, just to prove what a pain in the a$$ you are. Good riddance, I'll say! I also wish to see how long you will hang around in Malaysian Chess. Maybe another 2 years? Good luck!

  2. You seem very limited in your understanding. Yes, this is Asian culture. And so there are faces to consider. EQ. Basic stuff. But you seem to think that the face of those few people is more important than the face of the rest of the chess community. You think protecting the face of Jimmy is more important than the faces of the players that wanted to go but were denied because of the private dealings. And so you also can't count and you are very clearly aligned to those that have oppressed and denied others because they practice gangster methods. So you are very wrong on a great many matters. If I am afraid of them suing then why do I write so openly. abdooss, I sincerely hope you can learn to reason deeply. That will be good for your chess too.

  3. For your further education let me explain some more why we cannot concede on their points. We are asking for the rights of parents and players to be respected. Those are very legitimate points. And yes, we. I am not one although I do most of the writing. Maybe you are not aware but those people know who we are. There are many things you cannot see and cannot comprehend. Without our rights being acknowledged then it is only the rights of the match fixers and the people who abuse their authority. Wait and read tomorrow's post. Try to read and reason intelligently instead of worrying about the face of the abusers. Instead think of the faces of the many who have been abused by them over so many many years. And then decide where you stand. And then never regret your decision. But at least know whether you stand with the liars and con men or with the people who are decent. Like I said before you just seem very very confused. Try to clear your mind.

  4. If you really believe you are on the right side, start the police report and the summons.
    There are lots of targets for you, are there not?
    That I have never seen yet. If there is, maybe I can start believing in you, again.
    Or maybe you prefer to fight online?
    well, good luck again!

  5. abdooss, you sound like a neighbour I once had who came to my house to tell me that I was a sinner and that I must become a Christian because I smoke. A few years later he had a mental breakdown. Why do you need to tell me what do do? In his case I felt he believed that by converting me he was justifying his life. I write for the information of those who have less experience in MCF politics. They can take what they want and apply it to their own lives or what they want to do. What has that got to do with you? I write for the players who wants a clean competition for selection. What has that got to do with you? I write for the parents that funds Malaysian chess. What has that got to do with you? I write for the private organisers who are victimised by the abuse of authority? What has that got to do with you? I write for those that are looking for office and investigating what the new changes that can improve Malaysian chess. What has that got to do with you?

    Why do you think you are so important that I must do what you think I should do instead of what I think I should do?

    Go fix yourself and stop telling others what to do.

  6. Think abdooss. What is offending you so much? Is it because I ask for the end of match fixing? Are you eligible for the back door too? Is it because I ask for the end stealing money from our Associations and abuse of power? Has your own pocket been affected? Is it because I stand up to the bullies? Are you perhaps related to Jimmy or Peter? What on earth is your problem? Don't you think you should spend some time figuring it out instead of telling me what to do? If you are worrying so much about what I write, who is worrying about you?

  7. If only you can stop whining online.. I can't fight your battle for you, you know? All the people are branding you as an 'instigator' bcoz you are a NATO guy - "No Action Talk Only".. keep talking, keep attacking other people,,, keep doing what you're doing (and expecting different results) - Einstein have a name for people like you. Cheers!

  8. It's called reasoning abdooss. You seem very conditioned not to be able to do that. Why don't you try it? I think what I have done for Malaysian chess is very well documented so you just have to learn to read without filters. The question to you have not been answered. My readers come to read about what I have to say. Why are you here? To tell me and them we cannot reason together here? If you refuse to learn how to think and reason, why don't you go back to Jimmy's site then? You will meet many of your own kind there and you can all keep each other company. But don't try to restrict our rights to examine here. This is the last post I will allow from you until I can see some thinking behind your words and no more whinning. See the difference now? All my best to you abdooss.