Monday, October 8, 2012

As Singapore steels itself to move forward.

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As we have seen in the Malaysian chess scene, our seniors are petrified of competing against the juniors, petrified of losing Fide rating as the numbers are attached to their fragile egos. And because of this they become weaker and weaker year after year.

Worse, they have invented such ingenious ways to tell you how weak the juniors are, how they are actually Ferraris in disguise although we only see a kup chai. And they enforce this perception by hammering any junior or any coach that threatens that carefully nurtured illusion to camouflage their fears.

On the other side of the causeway, they are encouraging the seniors to stay at the cutting edge. You need to stay at the cutting edge don't you, if you are going to represent the Country?

But on this side of the causeway we remove selection so our weak players can go to the Olympiad!!!

Is it a wonder then Malaysian chess is slipping further and further behind?

Or do you believe their Jedi mind trick that we are getting stronger? Did you read the blogs that tell you how we have improved by leaps and bounds from the results of the last Olympiad. Search yourself. Which story do you really believe? Imagine. They actually think you are that dumb.

Then look at the leadership that have put us in this position. And then change it. Give us a fighting chance to improve. Do something now or else do not complain again after the AGM. You are being given the chance to really make a difference now.

Face reality. That is chess. Chess is a mind sport, a thinking persons game. So we need thinking leaders. It's that simple. We just cannot have these frightened people who cannot survive in the real world at the helm of Malaysian chess any longer. Not if we want to progress at any rate.

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