Saturday, October 27, 2012

A story on how to demoralise our Juniors and keep the kup chai's barely running.

We start the story by inventing a story of how lousy our juniors are. We tell them that they are all washed out by 15yo. We tell them they they will never be as good as the kup chai's of old. And since this story will be carried by the M's it should have sufficient authority to knock out a number of them.

And then an accident of history happened. There was a new Secretary who wanted to cement his authority. And so a decision was pushed through for a selection for SEA games to stress out the kup chai's and tell them who is in charge. And there were a couple of juniors who tried to test their skills in the selection. One was forced to write an email to deny the training in the promise of a reward. The other fought and won his place in the senior squad. This was not planned and so that junior was attacked on the blogs and by the kup chai's at Datmo team till he too submitted and apologised to ghosts.

And then at the Olympiad 2 juniors got in but without selection. One was as a reward for the email as promised and the other by a PR campaign. Now why is that significant? Let us examine that today. Now if the juniors had won their place in a proper selection, they would have gained in self confidence and self esteem. And that cannot be allowed. The kup chai's know that they are no longer strong. Look here. 

The technical skills are being very quickly narrowed particularly since some of the M's don't even dare to play in proper tournaments anymore. And one of them was soundly trashed at the SEA games selection. And the other was a total wash out at the Olympiad. So they cannot allow the juniors to rise in confidence.

And so the deal, the PR campaigns and the threats. This is the message. Don't try to beat us. The way in is through us. We tell you who can play and who cannot. We want a very young player to hype about because this is good for our business. And we can reward those that play ball with us. Forget about your chess.

And in listening to them those juniors will never develop their own self confidence. The selection was never theirs. It was given to them. And what is given can also be taken away. The message is to kow tow. And so the juniors remain weak. Not because of a lack in technical skills but because their confidence was robbed.

And this is their message to the parents. Your only role is to make us rich. If you use other trainers or coaches apart from us then we will fix your kid at the senior level. They will never make it. So you better learn this lesson. We are in control. And if you don't listen we can even ban your child. No grounds are needed. We are the God's of Malaysian chess. Forget about training them. Learn to kow tow to us. This pays better for you if you don't want the same treatment.

And this story has a sad note. This perversion is supported by people in MCF itself. And there are even parents who support this in the mistaken belief that their child will be spared. That behaviour is called appeasement. That was tried with Hitler. It didn't work then and it won't work now.

Think on this story. The ending is up to you. You can write a happy ending to this story. The wheel is still in spin.

Look carefully at those guys who try to play God. Are they really any good? What can they show your child except the way of the cowards. You can pick up technical skills anywhere without risking damage to your child. Why do it this way?

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