Monday, October 8, 2012

Maybe it's time for Fide to recognise 2 Federations.

As we can see, MCF is the Federation for a handful of weak players who are afraid of competition. But maybe they have earned that right. They work hard at controlling MCF. They are experts are backstabbing, sabotage, manipulation and intimidation while all the rest of us just look on.

Read this. Here. I think the 4th paragraph is quite revealing. The question of course is whether we want the culture as described in CAS where once an agreement is reached there is no internal sabotage or the current culture of MCF.

I suppose we will see the answer at the next AGM. I am told that MCF has been working very hard. They have been to COS to ask them not to take any action against MCF till after the Olympiad when the AGM will be held. But as we know from the experiences I have shared on this blog of my time in PICA, MCF has an array of weapons which they can use.

Some of them are to call for a meeting (AGM) when the challenger/s is away without due process; the fixing of the Agenda; the manipulation of the minutes. The offer of projects for votes etc etc.

So the chips are stacked against change.

So maybe the solution is 2 Federations. There is an MCF to represent those handful of players who need the back doors and a new Federation for all the other players in Malaysia. A new Federation where we give a level playing field for players to display the skill earned from hard work and healthy competition. Where we reward those that have done the work and paid the price. Where we raise experts in chess and not sabotage. Maybe? And then we let the 2 Federations compete to see which is the better model.

How about it Fide?


  1. Kalau begitu, adakah stonemaster sudah boleh lobby jadi presiden mcf yang satu lagi? hehehe

  2. I think this may be the way around a useless Federation that only protects weak players, weak organisers and weak trainers. So they can arrange for their back doors. Afterall they will only have less than 10 players if even that. So all can take turns. And then the weak organisers can arrange for their tournaments of about 10 players and the trainers do not have to improve since all their players will be national players by rotation.

    And we go and start up a new Federation to play chess. See, win/win for all.

    But first we must get Fide to agree.

  3. Think about it. No more match fixing for us to worry about, no more banning without justifiable grounds.

    I am sure they will be happy with the new arrangements. They will have their own bloggers to sing their praises etc etc. Over there they can do whatever they want, ban whoever they want etc etc.

    And we will now have the choice to play real chess, to learn the rich lessons of chess in another Federation.