Monday, October 22, 2012


At the junior level we pay ie parents. We pay to play in Asean, Asian (Youth and Junior) and World (Youth and Junior).

At the senior level they pay. The government paid for SEA games and private sponsors pay for the Olympiads. But for the Olympiads the sponsorship is only given secretly to the back door dealers. Now why is this?

What consideration has been given to all the sacrifice in time, money and energy for all those years developing the juniors by all the rest of us? Who gave you the right to take away selection?

Who are these people who think they can just shove our years of sacrifice away just like that? Do we now have to come on our hands and knees to beg you for a place too? And if we all come on our hands and knees to you, will you now pay for all of us too? What is your criteria to enter the back door? Must we "train" under Jimmy or Peter as your go to person? What if we don't think highly of their skills or methods? At least state the criteria clearly so we too have a chance to decide whether we will sell our dignity to you or Not.

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