Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Conflict of Interests.

If one sits down and think through why MCF is the way it is, I believe the answer must be about conflict of interests.

But let us look at how our Presidents are chosen first. Usually they are people who are too busy to look into the running of the organisation and have little knowledge on the policies and guidelines that MCF will need to progress. That is the first problem. Our Presidents are just used as cash cows by the officials for the officials "game".

If that is the case, we can now see that having officials who are trainers, organisers or parents who are looking for the back doors can become a big problem. And this problem is further compounded if the trainers are not any good, the organisers are bad business people and the parents do not have children who can make it on their own without crutches. See the problem now?

So each will use the Associations for their own desperate need to survive. Another way of looking at it is the weak propping up the weak. And in collusion they need to get rid of anyone who do not follow their primary agenda of self interest. That is why the good people are forced to leave. That is why our strong players who can make it on their own needs to be broken.

Why? Otherwise it makes them look bad. Do you think there is any truth to what I say?

And they even use that authority to attack their competitors ie better trainers and coaches, better players, better organisers.

But if we don't have those people we will have no one to populate the committees? True to an extent. That is why we need good policies and guidelines so that none may abuse their authority. And for that we need a strong President for they will not give up all their illicit privileges easily.

So the President is important. I hope the people who are looking to run for the Presidency will consider carefully why they are coming into chess. To help Malaysian Chess prosper so that we can once again stand tall in the International arena or otherwise. Please ask yourself that question.

Apart from that I wish you all every success. May the best man/woman win. We very badly need a strong man/woman President with a Vision who can lead us forward. But it won't be easy. The rot is very deep.

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