Monday, October 15, 2012

Malaysia's first GM will come from knowledge of chess.

It is very apparently obvious that our first GM will come from the complete knowledge of chess. From the parts as taught by our trainers of opening lines as well as other technical knowledge, from our coaches who teach strategy ie how to wield those parts into a winning whole together with developing the mental strength to win.

So that is the work we must do to develop value.

But for some very strange reasons our MCF officials have not been able to see this despite their over 30 years of existence. Instead they allow weak players long after their due date to continue to play for Malaysia. Instead they allow the sabotage of our players and training programs to improve.

They support the deal makers who need the back doors. They support weak trainers who criticize our Olympiad ladies squad, ban national players and insults players and parents alike. They support washed out players who criticize on the side lines when they have not even dared to play in a proper Fide rated tournament in years in an effort to hide their lousy chess or those that bombs dramatically because they suffer from serious delusions of being Ferraris when they are actually kup chai's finally turning into bicycles when their engines drop off.

Now why is that?

Shouldn't we be supporting disciplined players who dare to fight and dare to improve irrespective of rich or poor, irrespective of whether they are red, green or black, irrespective of gender. It should only be about chess.

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